Manitoba early snow
© Lawrence_Bear/Twitter
Despite it being early October, many parts of Canada are seeing a flurry of winter conditions — the worst of which are in Manitoba.

Calgary has already seen its fair share of snowfall and Vancouver managed to break several weather records for its cold temperatures this week, one of which was 103-years-old.

Now, much of Manitoba, including Winnipeg, is seeing blizzard-like snowfalls. Environment Canada issued a winter storm warning as parts of southern Manitoba are pummeled with snow.

The weather agency says that parts of Manitoba have already received between 20 to 40 cm of snow, with an additional 20 cm expected over the next 12 hours.

The snowfall is also accompanied by very strong winds, with gusts between 80 to 100 km/h.

"Travelling will remain difficult if not near impossible into Saturday as the heavy accumulating snow, strong winds, and temperatures near zero result in treacherous conditions," says Environment Canada's website.

"The combination of heavy, wet snow and strong winds will likely result in more downed trees and power lines."

Here's a closer look at Manitoba's winter storm: