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Every child should be taught about the negative impact and suffering caused by the British Empire, Jeremy Corbyn has suggested.

Mr Corbyn told young Labour supporters that the national curriculum should be re-written to teach children about how the Empire expanded "at the expense of people".

He also suggested that the curriculum should be changed so that every child should be taught about the importance of the trade unions, his biggest backers.

He said: "Perhaps we could do a little bit more about how history is taught in our schools.

"Of course the history of European expansion is important, but there are two other things that need to be added to that. One is the expansion of one empire at the expense of people where that empire is expanding. You need to get the story from the people where that empire is expanding into rather than those that came there to take control of it."

It came after Mr Corbyn earlier suggested that that Trotskyists and communists are welcome in the Labour Party as long as they accept its values.

Children should be taught about how people around the World suffered because of the rise of the British Empire, Jeremy Corbyn has suggested.

In a BBC interview on the eve of the party conference in Brighton, he was asked by presenter Andrew Marr: "Thirty years ago almost to the day, just down the coast, Neil Kinnock kicked out the Trotskyists and the Communists from the Labour Party. Are they welcome back in again?"

Mr Corbyn replied: "Anyone is welcome to join the Labour Party providing they support the principles of the party and be content with that.

"And thousands have joined the Labour Party in the last few weeks. Fifty thousand, maybe 60,000 have joined since I was elected two weeks ago, 150,000 have joined since the General Election. This is a growing, enthusiastic, optimistic party."