Fireball over Sunderland, England
© Umit Inanc
Resident Umit Inanc said he spotted the impressive space matter while having a cigarette outside of his home on Oldfield Close, Southwick, on Sunday, September 15.

He said he looked up into the sky at around 10.10pm and saw the meteor flying through the sky.

Umit said: "It was amazingI just went out for a cigarette and the next minute I saw it shooting across the sky.

"I'm a bit into astronomy so I was 100% sure it was a meteor, which means it will dissolve before it hits the ground."

"It it the first time I have seen anything like that - it was quite spooky but nice to see as well."

"My neighbour also said they had seen it but couldn't figure out what it was - they had thought it was the trail from aeroplanes, so I explained what it was."

A meteor is matter from outer space that enters the earth's atmosphere, becoming incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light.

The UK Space Agency said it is common for tonnes of debris to enter the Earth's atmosphere from Space.

A spokesman from the UK Space Agency said: "Many tonnes of debris from space (natural or man-made) enters the Earth's atmosphere each year but breaks up without reaching the ground.

"It's becoming easier to spot debris more frequently now due to the prevalence of CCTV and security cameras."