Loud boom in Glasgow, Scotland
© Rob McDowall
A sonic boom-like noise is baffling people in Glasgow after it was heard over the Southside.
A mysterious "sonic boom" has been baffling people after it was heard over Glasgow this afternoon.

The loud boom was captured on video my a concerned resident around 3:17pm, but the source remains unexplained.

Rob McDowall, a resident in Maxwell Park, in the Southside of the city tweeted around 4pm asking: "did anyone else hear a massive boom in Glasgow? Sounded like a sonic boom."

He went on to share CCTV footage of the mystery bang, prompting one woman to say she thought it was a gas explosion in nearby Rutherglen.

Another user said the loud bang woke her up from a nap, but was none the wiser as to what it was.

Others in Finnieston also reported hearing a "crazy loud bang/ explosion".

They added: "Whatever it was, i'm inside with all my windows closed and it was loud enough my ear kind of hurts."

Strathclyde Police and the fire service were contacted, but say they have no record of an incident taking place.

Sonic booms are caused when military aircraft fly faster than the speed of sound, creating a loud noise that mimics an explosion.

You can listen to the loud boom here.