Meteor fireball over Pretoria, SA
© Clinton Kruger
Social media went crazy last night after a Pretoria resident posted rare video footage of a shooting star in the city online.

This rare astronomical show happened just before 20:30 on Thursday evening.

In the video, taken by Clinton Kruger, a meteor is seen flashing through Pretoria's night skies.
i just saw a freaking falling star ❤️😭
- frafra (@Francinedoranxx) May 2, 2019
Speaking to Rekord, Kruger said it was astonished to see a shooting star in Pretoria.

"I was on the N1 north just before the N4 interchange when I saw it. It was actually much bigger than was captured in the video," he said.

"I was driving with my cousin and my stepfather and none of us expected to see something like it. It was exciting to experience something so unique and to have it on camera is special."

Shooting stars are lights you can sometimes see in the night sky which are caused by tiny bits of dust and rock called meteoroids falling into the Earth's atmosphere and burning up.

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