© Richard Kern
A bright fireball has been spotted shooting across New Zealand skies.

Kiwis across the country have reported witnessing the event which occurred about 9pm on Saturday.

Astronomer Dr Grant Christie, who has been working in astronomy for over 50 years, told 1 NEWS he has never seen a fireball so bright.

He said it appears the fireball burned out about 100km above Earth.

There have also been reports of a sonic boom, which Dr Christie confirms can be attributed to the fireball if it came around five minutes after the first sighting.

An eye witness in Algies Bay, north of Auckland, told 1 NEWS he heard a "boom" a few minutes after the fireball shooted across the sky and saw a bright light and smoke.

Pauanui resident Melissa Connors told 1 News she's "buzzing" after seeing what she thinks was an asteroid shoot across the sky from Tairua to behind Mt Pauanui.