right fireball spotted over Bahia, Brazil on June 15, 2018

Comment: Translated from Portuguese with Google Translate.

A big bolide was seen in the skies of Bahia tonight (June 15). The BRAMON MDE1 / BA Station, run by Alexsandro Mota, recorded the meteoroid's passage through the atmosphere. The video is impressive and shows the meteor cutting across the field of view of the camera.

Check out: The clouds present at the moment, have somewhat disrupted the measurement of its brightness, but we estimate something around -8.

It was previously associated with the June iota Pegasids meteor shower, a minor rain proposed by Greaves in 2012 that has its radiant on the Pegasus Constellation. However, its definitive classification will only be possible if there is a second image that allows us to extract more information about the meteoroid orbit before entering the atmosphere.

Also if a second image is not possible to perform the triangulation, but if the association with June iota Pegasids is correct, this suggested a trajectory from northeast to southwest, possibly in the direction of the city of Mundo Novo, in the central region of the State of Bahia.

We take the opportunity to ask anyone from Bahia and have access to the external security cameras, to check if there is no record of this bolide. Get in touch with us and send us your reports, videos and photos