san francisco metro junkies
© Shannon Gafford/YoutubeGafford said he has repeatedly complained to BART authorities but nothing has been done to clean up the station
Is this what liberal left utopia in San Francisco looks like?

A shocking video has gone viral calling attention to what's going on in one of the busiest San Francisco BART metro stations.

Junkies and addicts are blatantly shooting up out in the open as morning commuters walk by.

Other drug addicts are slumped along filthy corridors.

Here is the full report from KPIX NEWS CBS SF Bay Area...

Twitter headquarters are located next to this metro station, employing dozens of millionaires and six figure liberal techies.

Are these the "exceptional values" so often bragged about by US Presidents, politicians and media talking heads?

Compare the SF Metro with the Moscow Metro...

Which transit system would you rather take to work?