underwater dig crimea
"it's the largest archaeological dig in the history of Russia."

While in the process of building the Crimean Bridge, construction workers discovered a previously unknown Greek settlement.

Archeological finds show that Slavs have been living in Crimea for five milennia.

The site has turned out to be a treasure trove of artifacts. The following clip taken from a Russian news agency with transcript below shows some of these amazing finds.

A terracotta head of a Greek god, wall paintings, vases, and decorations - unique relics have been found at the construction site of the Crimea Bridge. Construction workers and archaeologists found them at the shore and floor of the Kerch Strait. Dozens of hectares have already been examined - it's the largest archaeological dig in the history of Russia. What secrets of the past can the scientists discover thanks to those artifacts?

Olga Armyakova with the details.

Where once two seas separated Europe from Asia a single country is getting its banks linked. The Crimea Bridge is literally a part of history now: over the two-year construction period, a million articles have been found. Fragments of ceramic dishes, coins, golden jewelry, and even entire settlements. It's the largest archaeological dig along both banks of the Kerch Strait. The valuable relics now are exhibited in museums.

Natalia Bykovskaya, East Crimea Museum: "We've discovered the most curious and unique relics that will be studied by historians and archaeologists for many years and will contribute to our better understanding the ancient and medieval culture of the people who once inhabited the Kerch Peninsula."

This is a rare evidence of the Migration Period: wall paintings from an ancient crypt. Drawn by ancient barbarians, they had been buried for more than a thousand years. Sketches of battles and religious rituals share the unknown history of the local nomads.

Nina Kucherevskaya, East Crimea Museum: "We managed to preserve in a good quality two-layer stucco with drawings of riders. They are charging forward waving their banners. The enemy cavalry is galloping towards them."

The shards of ancient civilizations can also be found underwater. Some of such findings become a true sensation.

"Another fragment of the wall"

A sharp turn at the Aq-Burun Cape next to the Kerch Fortress. A whole sector had to be re-engineered in order to preserve history. The Social Council of the Crimea Bridge is closely following the grand construction.

Nikolay Dolgachev, Social Council: "The project makes us proud. Not every country can manage to build something like that. Not everyone can build such colossal beauty so quickly and reliably."

Archaeologists are just beginning to study the discovered relics. The Crimea Bridge might surprise us with even more discoveries.