Officials have confirmed that one woman was killed in a dog attack this morning while another woman was injured. Deputies say they found 24-year-old Emily Mae Colvin dead on arrival.

The Jackson County Sheriff's office said they received a call around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday about a dog attack at County Road 121 in Jackson County; right outside of Section

Officials said that the dog tried to attack a deputy and was shot. Scottsboro Animal Control along with deputies and Section Police rounded up another four dogs involved. All five dogs have been described by authorities as pitbulls.

Another woman was found injured and has been treated for her injuries and released according to authorities.The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says that Colvin had been in contact with the dogs before and they had never received a call or had a problem with those particular dogs.

Deputies are still investigating how the attack started.

The four dogs are being held at Williams Animal Clinic in Scottsboro. Sheriff Chuck Phillips says the dogs will stay at the vet for 10 days then will be taken to the pound. A judge will decide the fate of the dogs.

Sheriff Chuck Phillips says this is the first time the dogs have attacked a human, but it's not the first complaint they've received. "We received a call back sometime ago, maybe these dogs and the victim's dog had killed llamas that were in a pasture nearby. That's the only complaint we have ever had on them," Sheriff Phillips said.

He said the owner of the dogs is liable for their actions. "What we will be doing is preparing a case for the grand jury. It will go before a grand jury in March. We will have to wait for the autopsy results before we take it that far." Sheriff Phillips explained.