Bolide over Finland
© YouTube/Aurora Borealis LIVE! (screen capture)
A bright bolide (extremely bright meteor) exploded over northern Finland at 18:40 on November 16, 2017, the latest of several meteor fireball events this week including France, Germany, Spain, United States, and Argentina.

The aforementioned meteor fireball that flew over Germany on Nov 14th has been confirmed as the most reported fireball event from Europe , with 1962 reports so far, since the AMS and the IMO launched the international version of the AMS fireball form.

According to local media, there were also reports of 'heavy bangs' in an area of ​​a few hundred kilometers radius. Other recent reports of 'mysterious booms' include those in Alabama, Florida, San Diego, New Jersey and British Columbia, which could be attributed to exploding space rock fragments.

Aurora Service Tours, a tourism company operating in Utsjoki, northern Finland captured the phenomena, which momentarily turned night into day, on video from a webcam that is commonly used to promote the Northern Lights. It was described as, "Huge meteor burn up. I was sat about 10 metres to the left of the camera and felt a huge shockwave. It shook the cottage."

Finland resident Johannes Karhula Lohtaja also uploaded a video of the event to YouTube.