The whale was washed up on a beach close to Flamborough on October 20, 2017

The whale was washed up on a beach close to Flamborough on October 20, 2017
Walkers were left shocked after discovering a whale washed up on a beach close to Flamborough.

The carcass of 25-foot animal, possibly a minke whale, was discovered by a member of the public who alerted the Flamborough RNLI who, in turn, notified Bridlington Coastguard.

The marine creature was discovered at Truckway, between South Landing and the lighthouse, shortly after noon on Friday.

While still intact, the animal was already dead prior to washing up on the beach and is already in a state of decomposition.

A spokesman for the coastguard said: "The whale is still there at the moment. We are not sure what type of whale but it is a fair size at 25 feet.

"The Natural History Museum may want to take a closer look at the animal and carry out an autopsy.

"After that, it will be up to East Riding Council to dispose of the carcass if the storm doesn't carry it away before then.

"It is fairly rare but not unheard of to get whales washing up on the East Yorkshire coast.

"The whale may look in fairly decent condition but it is fairly decomposed and we would not advise anyone to get too close."

The whale carcass follows a number of sharks which have washed up on East Yorkshire beaches in the past year.

Several species of whale can be spotted off the East Yorkshire coast including minke, humpback sperm and fin while pods of orcas and smaller dolphins are also visitors to these shores.