Roger Waters explains his position and makes a prediction for the future of Palestine.

Roger Waters
Roger Waters recently sat down for a Q & A with representatives of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), a group he supports which calls for a cultural and business boycott of Israel until such a time that the issue of peace for Palestine can be resolved.

Roger Waters has come under attack from the Israel lobby for his pro-Palestine stance which he incorporates into his musical performances.

Recently, children from poor backgrounds who were scheduled to sing and dance with the Pink Floyd co-founder on stage in Miami were forced to withdraw when the Israel lobby put pressure on their city funded youth group which minded the children.

Meanwhile, agitators are attempting to have Waters' forthcoming shows in New York cancelled.

Roger Waters addressed all of these issues as well as his overall stance on Palestine and his hopes for the future in this recent Q and A which can be watched in-full below.