rare daytime meteor over Australia
© Ari Rex
Photographer Ari Rex snapped this meteor hurtling past Earth while taking pictures in Namadgi National Park.
It was an uncanny case of right time and right place when photographer Ari Rex snapped this streaking ball of light at the Namadgi National Park.

Mr Rex was teaching a photography workshop at the Orroral Homestead when he unexpectedly captured a meteor hurtling past Earth.

"Last Friday, during the new moon, I went to Namadgi National Park to teach an advanced Milky Way photography workshop," he said.

"It's very dark out there when there is no moon so it makes it perfect for photographing the Milky Way, especially now in winter."

Although he expected to snap some stellar shots of the twilight sky, he was completely surprised by the photos when he looked back at them.

"I was lucky enough to capture this meteor in my frame. This is a rare phenomenon," he said.

"Usually you see them at night. But you typically never see them during the day.

"According to some quick calculations I did - considering the shutter speed of the shot - I found that the meteor was travelling at least 60,000 kilometres per hour."