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A jealous farmer has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years, for tying up a worker and raping her, before driving his victim to a remote location and slitting her throat.

The woman asked for his phone to listen to music as she died, then called triple zero.

The incident occurred on a remote farm, where a woman's workplace almost became her grave.

The woman was packing for a flight to see a former boyfriend when it began.

Cairns Supreme Court heard John McDonald "couldn't handle that she was leaving."

As a result in January 2015, the El Arish farmer restrained the woman with belts and cable ties and raped her in an act of jealously.

The following morning he said he'd take her to the airport, instead he drove to his remote cannabis crop.

He then cut her neck with a knife.

After she collapsed to the ground, his words to her were chilling.

"I did it because you led me on," he told her. When you die no one will miss you, not even your family." He then sliced the woman's throat a second time.

The woman then asked for a phone to listen to music as she died. However she then used it to call for help.

McDonald left her to bleed to death, but she managed to survive.

In a statement she said, "I trusted John and thought of him as a father figure. I am terrified he will come after me again."

McDonald was originally accused of attempted murder.

The prosecution agreed to drop the charge and McDonald pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm. He's been sentenced to seven and a half years jail over the incident.