trump comey

"Oh, and by the way, you're fired."
If Trump is smart like he claims he is, he'd use the media bias against him to his advantage. Last week he appears to have done just that, firing FBI Director James Comey on the eve of a surprise meeting with Russian foreign minister Lavrov in the White House. The reaction from most media talking heads was predictable, loudly bleating that this move is proof that Trump is taking orders from the Kremlin. Their reaction was so over-the-top that even Senator Lindsey Graham had to talk them down from their hysteria.

It's easy to produce endless streams of fake news and repeat the same talking points across a global media empire when you control such an empire, but the danger for those interests it serves is that, with every passing week, they are alerting more and more of the hitherto disinterested masses to the increasingly blatant psychopathology of the entrenched elites. The more the media must lie to bridge the reality gap between the elites and the people, the more absurd its narratives become.

A case in point is the French presidential election: how credible is it, to French voters, that the candidate who was the fullest representation of everything they had come to detest in previous governments (for those 'of the right'; the destruction of traditional values and kowtowing before foreign powers - and for those 'of the left'; the destruction of the welfare state and the enrichment of the elites at the expense of the people) won more votes than candidates who spoke to some or all of their concerns?

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