As severe thunderstorms rolled through the Tennessee Valley Saturday afternoon, several homes suffered damage.

In western Ardmore, Roger Riddle's home was hit with golf ball sized hail that ripped through part of his wall, leaving several holes.

Up in Pulaski, Larry Hargrove lost three horses to the storms.

"You hate to lose any animal, but when you've had them for 20 years plus and you've raised them from a baby, they're family members," Hargrove said.

While he was away from his home, his three mares were struck by lightning around three o'clock.

"It felt like someone had kicked me in the heart and in the stomach at the same time. And all I could think about was wanting to be home with them," Hargrove said.

His family has raised horses for decades and the two remaining males spent much of the afternoon also in sorrow over what had happened.

"Animals do grieve in their own way and they'll be lost for a few days wondering where their pasture mates and their buddies are," Hargrove said.

Hargrove hopes what happened to his horses can be a lesson for others to take lightning storms seriously and to take shelter when they approach.