Nazi Azov battalion/regiment and leader of the National Corps Party, Andrey Biletsky
Today, April 21st, frightening news came from Kiev. The founder of the Nazi Azov battalion/regiment and leader of the National Corps Party, Andrey Biletsky, announced in an interview for Ukraine's Channel 112 that if police "continue to humor anti-Ukrainian movements," then "civil clashes" will rock Ukraine. Biletsky called the anti-fascist profession held in Odessa on April 10th on the anniversary of the city's liberation from the German fascist invaders such an "anti-Ukrainian movement." In Biletsky's words, "We will see a second Sabbath in Odessa on May 2nd, in the East on May 9th, and in Kiev on May 9th. But in Ukraine, there are many young people who oppose this."

It follows from the aforesaid that celebrating May 9th, Victory Day, is essentially outside the law in Ukraine. During the Second World War, the Soviet Union destroyed approximately 90% of all Nazi German forces - many times more than all the Allied countries combined. But now Ukraine, a successor to this great victory, wants to deprive Ukrainians of this commemorative victory day. Biletsky, whose own personal idol is Adolf Hitler, is turning Ukraine from a victor country into a loser country.

The second part of the White Leader Biletsky's promise is a threat to all those who dare to join the anti-fascist marches on May 9th. And these words are not an empty threat. On May 2nd, 2014, Kulikovo Field activists were burned alive in the center of Odessa by Nazi militants amidst police inaction. Among those killed were not only anti-fascists, but ordinary Odessans who were unfortunately trapped in the building. The official number of those killed in the House of Trade Unions is 38, but according to Odessans themselves, this figure is significantly understated. The author of these lines has heard the estimate of 200 killed. Moreover, many bodies were discovered in the House of Trade Union's basement and removed for secret burial.

On May 2nd, 2014, there was still no war in the former Ukraine, and events in Donbass had developed only up to the brink of civil war. The burning of dozens (or even hundreds) of people alive was a kind of "Nazi initiation," in which Ukrainian Nazis had to cross a moral, psychological barrier on the symbolic level by killing not only ideological opponents, but random people. Ukrainian Nazis overcame this barrier with obvious ease, and the people of Donbass were given a horrific foreboding of what was to come, hence the uprising of the resistance.

Thus, Biletsky's threat to attack anti-fascists in Odessa and Kiev could mean bloody events of a larger scale than those of three years ago. Now the Ukrainian Nazis have the "justification" of fighting against "separatism" and "Russian aggression." Simply celebrating victory over the German fascist invaders is dangerous in post-Maidan Ukraine and is considered part of a "enemy Russian ideology."

Fortunately, not all the pronouncements of Ukraine's Nazis have come true. Hitler and the (Greco-Catholic) Uniate's Ukrainian followers failed to disrupt the All-Ukrainian Peace Procession of the Russian Orthodox Church, and although Ukrainian Nazis threatened to unleash another bloody massacre in Odessa on May 9th, 2016, this did not happen given the presence of numerous foreign journalists. Kiev reasonably discerned that bloody affairs are better kept hidden from the foreign press. Nevertheless, there is still no guarantee that Biletsky's promised repetition of the Odessa tragedy will not happen this year.

Today, almost thee years since the Odessa tragedy, Ukrainian authorities have still not condemned the executioners of Odessa. In no way are people like Biletsky who openly threaten terrorist attacks punished. Meanwhile, President Poroshenko, himself an ethnic Jew and oligarch, openly fears the Ukrainian Nazis, which means that he could easily sacrifice the lives of anti-fascists to them. Therefore, much depends on the attention that will be on Ukraine from abroad.