Statin Nation
We've been told by every media outlet that statins to lower cholesterol will save lives. Our doctors have looked us straight in our eyes and with a spirit of compassion tell us that if you don't take the statins you will die.

Over 40 million people worldwide take statins to lower their cholesterol. But now there's evidence that the majority of them won't benefit and we may in fact be witnessing the biggest lie ever to hit the general public around the globe.

To dare question most any traditional doctor about the value of statins is enough to create World War 3. If you want to see a hostile and belligerent doctor then challenge them on the statin issue. Of course you want the best for your life and your family's life. You must understand that there is a heated debate about statins. On one side of the fence you have respected and well-renowned cardiologists bowing down to the virtues of statins. However, on the other side of the fence you have esteemed and foremost experts in the field of cardiology warning us that statins MUST be avoided at all cost.

Who is right? Good question..

Well, watch today's video and read the accompanying transcripts and you be the judge. Remember do your homework and get the "other" side of the story. Today's video is"fact driven" and will cause many to begin asking serious questions about the safety of these drugs.

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