Ukraine poverty
Two years following the victory of the Euromaidan, 80% of the population of Ukraine has become poor according to UN standards by receiving less than 5$ a day in income. Such sad statistics were presented by the economist Aleksey Plotnikov at a press conference in Kiev....

"The minimum (monthly) wage established in May is $60 and the minimum pension is $47. This means that 80% of citizens are below the poverty line according to official UN criteria," Plotnikov noted.

He added that the "post-Maidan" government has in turn not concerned itself with the people and not even tried to help them survive such difficult economic times.

"Back in 2002, Ukraine adopted a law on social standards and social norms. It has not actually been realized. Over the past several years, the state has 'forgotten' about the index. When the hryvnia depreciated three times, incomes fell by half and the constitutional provision on indexing pensions and salaries was discarded," he stated.