Dead cattle
Severe storms killed a dozen cattle in Phelps County. The loss cost a farmer thousands of dollars.

"I lost a lot of money in that bull," says Sonny Hagen.

Sonny and Joyce Hagen are counting their losses after lightning struck a tree on their property and killed some of their cattle."

"It got 12 of them," says Sonny. "The herd was probably running for cover here and they was probably the front ones and as soon as they got to the tree the lightning hit the tree."

Their grandson was checking on the cattle Wednesday morning when he found them lying lifeless on the ground.

"Our grandson found it and he called and of course he was rally shook and he stood here and he could see this much bit when you go down off the hill you'll see it goes up the holler," says Joyce.

Six cows, five calves and one bull; but not just any bull.

"The one that you see right there is our big herd bull, a real nice big herd bull; registered and he's between four and five years old," says Joyce.

An animal the Hagens had raised from a calf.

"When you've had them from a calf on they're just like pets, you know them really well; he was a real nice bull, really nice animal," says Joyce.

One the Hagen's hope they can eventually replace. The Hagen's say they do not have cattle insurance, something they are now looking into.