Charging elephant
© GettyCharging elephant
At 19.00pm Pol Capt Atsawin Chanto- deputy inspector of BangLamung police station- was notified that a person was attacked by an elephant. After notification the police officers rushed to inspect the crime scene.

At the scene where is private tourist attraction, the police officers just found the blood stain on the ground. Saifon Sala-Ngam aged 36 who had been attacked by the elephant was already sent to BangLamung hospital. Unfortunately, he was severely injured and passed away later.

Winai Soisaeng aged 27 who is elephant mahout revealed that 2 Chinese tourists were hopping on elephant back before the elephant went crazy and severely gored the victim who was taking a photo in front of several tourists. The Chinese tourist accidentally fell down. The mahouts had to stop her before they sent the injured man to the hospital.

Winai added that she is young elephant and tame normally. He expected that she might dislike the mahout or near elephant.

Pol Col Chanapat Nawaluk- chief of police- said that he initially contacted the operator to not bring that elephant to wander.