Snow on the road to Mecca

Snow on the road to Mecca
Al Jazeera confirms snow in Saudi Arabia. January 15, 2016

Video .. snow coats the migration route.

(One part of the Al Jazeera story says snow, a different part says hail. I'm guessing hail, but it still must have been a real shock to the drivers.)

Hailstones falling heavily between Mecca and Medina covered various parts of the region, which has taken on white.

A researcher at the weather, climate and member of the Committee naming distinctive climatic conditions said "snow seen on the migration route between Medina and Mecca formed as a result provide good moisture for the layers of the upper atmosphere led to the emergence of huge Cumulus.

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"This news item is only in Arabic and cannot be found on the English spoken website of Al Jazeeera," says Argiris.