An epidemic has taken over the United States, a crippling infection of measles hysteria. People with measles hysteria find themselves looking around at the people in the room and wondering which person is harboring the horrible contagious virus they will catch and take home to the kids and all their kids' friends.

Wait a minute, when I was a kid that's exactly how we did it! We spread highly contagious viruses at chicken pox parties, measles parties, oh yes and even mumps parties, only there was no fear involved. Family doctors were on board with all of it, it was a natural part of growing up to get the measles, it was normal for parents to want their kids to get these childhood maladies, to build up their immune systems, and get on with a healthy life.

We all had measles when I was a kid, in fact the CDC considers everyone born before the year 1957 to have lifetime immunity to the measles. Why? We all went through a benign, self-limiting disease that causes discomfort and the need to stay in bed with a fever. Medical textbooks from the pre-vaccine era describe measles as posing minimal risk to a well-nourished child.

And there is an outstanding reward awaiting measles sufferers: lifetime immunity! No. Boosters. Needed. Ever.

This is the method nature developed over a very long period of time, and the way human societies always processed microbes before vaccine enthusiasts came along. If you believe this to be false, then hurry down to a clinic and get your Bubonic plague vaccine and your scarlet fever vaccine right away. Oh wait, we don't need vaccines to protect ourselves from those "sometimes deadly" microbes, but we do from measles?

When the measles vaccine was first promoted to the American public in the early 1960s, the rate of measles-linked deaths was down nearly 100 percent from the year 1900. "Before a vaccine was available, infection with measles virus was nearly universal during childhood with more than 90 percent of persons immune by age 15 years," according the CDC's operations manual, the Pink Book.[1]

How on Earth did we get from "everybody gets the measly measles" to "Got measles? Federal agents are on their way to your house to lock you inside and threaten you with arrest if you try to leave; notifying your workplace that you are hereby forbidden to work; notifying your school that you are not allowed to set foot on campus, and contacting everyone you have spoken to in the last two weeks so they can be locked up too."

Interestingly, the CDC is silent so far on whether this current circulating measles infection involves the wild virus, or the vaccine-specific virus. As the CDC itself points out, this is an important question to resolve in order to understand which measles strain we are dealing with.

"Molecular epidemiology of measles viruses is an important component in outbreak investigations and for global surveillance of circulating wild - type measles strains," according to the CDC website. "During outbreaks, measles vaccine is administered to help control the outbreak, and in these situations, vaccine reactions may be mistakenly classified as measles cases."[2]

Yes, that is correct, the vaccine does cause the measles for some, and the symptoms are identical to the wild measles virus. The only way to tell the difference between the wild and the vaccine measles strains is through laboratory testing.

Then there is shedding. Shedding is what happens when the vaccine virus works its way through the body and viral particles are shed in droplets from the nose and saliva from the mouth, a nice way to spread the virus. As more and more people are injected with the vaccine, live vaccine measles shedding increases far and wide.

The mainstream media is having a heyday with the Disneyland measles, whipping up passion and fervor against the usual whipping boy: those horrible Neanderthal nitwits who refuse vaccines. Media accounts automatically blame people who are not vaccinated, even when the problem is vaccine failure. News reporters could easily do a little investigating and discover that the real-world outcome of vaccinating against measles with the MMR vaccine over a couple of generations is quite different than the story being told. Apparently it is much easier to just join in with the mindless chorus blaming every outbreak that comes along on the unvaccinated.

Many people are unaware that the MMR vaccine, of which measles is one component, has a few dirty secrets. One secret that the CDC, media, and local health departments are all desperate to avoid mentioning is widespread vaccine failure.

"Thus, measles outbreaks also occur even among highly vaccinated populations because of primary and secondary vaccine failure, which results in gradually larger pools of susceptible persons and outbreaks once measles is introduced. This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized."[3]

This bears repeating: Measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized. Imagine that! The reward for getting repeatedly vaccinated against the measles is coming down with the measles.

In the interest of accuracy, we should no longer call measles a vaccine-preventable disease, it is only a vaccine-alterable disease. Where measles once only affected young kids at the age when the infection is mildest, vaccination with the laboratory measles virus has never prevented infection, but only altered the timing of infection.

Measles outbreaks now occur in older age groups than in the pre-vaccine era, age groups for whom measles poses a greater risk of complications. It has also pushed infection into much younger ages. The problem "too young to vaccinate" was never a problem before the measles vaccine was widely used, because babies received protection through mother's milk, as long as the mother had experienced the measles herself.

There is another dirty secret about the MMR vaccine. This one involves fraud that goes all the way to the top of the CDC. We have all heard countless times that the MMR vaccine was thoroughly studied by the CDC and found to be entirely innocent of increasing the risk of autism. It turns out that the primary CDC study offered as proof of this claim was an utter fabrication. This, according to whistleblower William Thompson, a top researcher at the CDC and one of the authors of that study.[4] He has produced incriminating emails and handwritten instructions from CDC higher ups to back up his assertions that researchers were ordered to make up and publish different numbers so the conclusions of the study could be turned on their head. The actual results of the CDC study showed a greater than 300 percent increase in autism diagnoses for certain groups of children who received the MMR shot. Don't be surprised if this is the first you've heard of this outrageous government scandal and cover-up, the media have obliged the government agencies and never spilled a word of it to the public.

There is another problem with the MMR vaccine, the mumps component. Two Merck scientists became whistleblowers a couple of years ago when they filed a lawsuit against Merck, asserting that the drug company had for years fudged the data to make the mumps vaccine appear to be as effective as promised.[5]

The scientists report that Merck engaged in fraud by selling to the U.S. government nearly four million doses of fraudulently tested, mislabeled and ineffective MMR vaccine every year for at least 10 years.

Merck apparently directed its scientists to test the MMR's effectiveness not against wild mumps, but against the vaccine strain of mumps, to achieve a higher blood response. Then Merck added animal blood antibodies to the test blood, in order to make the immune response of human blood appear greater. As if that wasn't enough cheating, Merck arbitrarily altered the final test data in order to fraudulently reach the effectiveness criteria required of the vaccine.

A federal judge has found that the two whistleblowers have sufficient evidence to go forward with a trial, even following Merck's petition to the court to have the lawsuit thrown out. As a side note, the head of Merck's vaccine division is none other than Julie Gerberding, whose job just prior to working for Merck was being director of the CDC. It looks as if she went from heading up an agency engaged in cheating and lying, to heading up a vaccine company with years of practice cheating and lying. Go figure.

Taken together, we have an enormous problem. We have public health officials anxious to wildly overstate the dangers of measles infection in order to scare people into getting the MMR vaccine, a vaccine that is failing to prevent measles in those inoculated, while spreading the age range of infection. We have the government agency charged with protecting the health of our citizens desperately hiding the truth it has known all along, that the MMR vaccine significantly increases the risk of autism for some children. And then we have Merck, the vaccine maker that supplies over half the vaccines that the U.S. government purchases each year, perpetuating massive fraud for more than a decade in order to continue selling a failed, ineffective vaccine.

The vaccinators have all the money, the backing of the government, and the mainstream media's complicity in censoring the news to prevent factual, news about vaccines from exposing the whole sordid MMR saga. Oh yes, and the vaccine makers have complete immunity from any lawsuit for vaccine-induced disability or death of babies and children.

How ironic that those who ask legitimate questions about the science of entrenched mass vaccination strategies are accused of being tinfoil hat-wearing anti-science boneheads. Vaccinators claim that one-size-fits-all, government mandated vaccine policies are supported by sound scientific principles and clear observational evidence, yet these same pro-vaccine forces resort to name-calling and personal attack when confronted with the enormous body of peer-reviewed, published scientific evidence calling into question the assumptions and unproven hypotheses of vaccine policy and public health practices of mass vaccination. For some reason vaccinators feel entitled to a free pass to ignore time tested, universal rules of scientific inquiry.

Here is a sampling of questions about the missing science of mass vaccination that have yet to be answered by the vaccinators:
  • Why do public health officials continue to promote vaccines that have proven over and over they are failing badly in their job to prevent infection with the disease as claimed?
  • Why has there never been a single large-scale study in which the health outcomes of vaccinated children are compared to the health of children whose parents opt out of government-mandated vaccines?
  • Why do vaccine safety trials compare responses to a new vaccine with responses to another vaccine, rather than comparing the new vaccine to actual placebos in actual control groups?
  • Why are so-called vaccine safety studies conducted for days or weeks only, when the adverse reactions to vaccines are documented to occur months and even years following the injection?
  • Why are vaccines considered only at one at a time, each one in isolation, when in the real world children receive multiple vaccines when they visit the pediatrician's office?
  • Why are medical doctors not required to report vaccine adverse reactions, just as they are required to report contagious diseases?
  • Who decided that the priority for CDC staff and the entire public health apparatus should be chasing down a few cases of measles, when we are in the midst of a galloping epidemic of chronic autoimmune/neurodevelopmental disease, in which a new diagnosis of autism is made every 11 minutes?
Kenneth Stoller, M.D. is one pediatrician not afraid to answer the question about the causes of our heartbreaking epidemic of regressive autism. It is an "environmentally triggered mitochondrial mediated gastro-immune encephalitic syndrome," he said. "The autism epidemic is a neuroenvironmental disaster that has lasted more than a decade beyond when it should have been resolved because the perpetrators have too many friends in places of control and power."[6]

Ivan Illich has summed up the public health crisis created by the vaccinators: "Modern medicine is the negation of health. It isn't organized to serve human health, but only itself, as an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals."


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