The merchants of death and destruction in the US are still itching for a fight with Russia, and they're willing to sacrifice as many Ukrainians as necessary to do so. Things have not exactly gone their way however. In contrast to US puppet Poroshenko's claim that the so-called 'anti-terrorist operation' would be over in a matter of weeks, the rebels of Dontesk and Luhansk have so far successfully repelled all attempts by Kiev's neo-Nazis to bludgeon them into submission. As is usual in cases where the US is waging a proxy imperial war in someone else's country and the plan isn't going as expected, top US officials have flown in to Ukraine for 'attaboys' to get things moving.
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© AP Photo/ Andrew Kravchenko, PoolYats: "And then we bombed their houses, raped their wives, and tortured the captives!" Biden: "LOL!"
Last Thursday, US vice-president Joe Biden made his third call to Kiev in seven months to meet his underlings friends and to turn the heat up on the warmongering. It should not be forgotten that the son of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, is on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the largest private producer of natural gas in Ukraine that holds large licenses to drill for gas in East Ukraine. And as long as there is a war going on, no drilling is possible.

So what did daddy Biden say in Ukraine:
Speaking at the Presidential Administrative Building in Kiev, Biden encouraged the Ukrainian government to press forward with its draconian economic reform agenda to meet the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF has promised $17 billion in loans to prop up the collapsing Ukrainian economy. Biden reassured his audience that the American government is "looking for opportunities to improve Ukraine's business climate and increase trade and investment."

While in Kiev, the vice president also announced a further $23 million in assistance to the Ukrainian government. So far this year the Obama administration has committed $320 million in aid to Ukraine, with $118 million for providing equipment and training to bolster the Ukrainian Armed Forces, State Border Guard Service and the National Guard.
Yes, the US is so generous, don't you think? $23 million in further assistance to the Ukrainian government, which will undoubtedly go to the war effort. That the US stole the best part if not all of Ukraine's 42 tons of gold back in March is of course a minor issue, something that the Ukrainian people will only be to happy to give. And who needs gold in the life hereafter, a place/condition that the US is doing its level best to achieve for every Ukrainian.

If any of the previous visits by top officials is an indicator, then this can only mean an escalation of the war, which despite the supposed ceasefire has continued with daily Ukrainian bombings of civilian targets ever since. The US has not officially given lethal aid, but it doesn't have to, since its compliant puppets in NATO countries such as Poland and Lithuania are more than willing to supply it on behalf of the US. Lithuania just agreed to supply Ukraine with weapons and training. The empire of chaos is like a Lernaean Hydra, that pops up two more heads for every one cut off. In this case, since there was no official US backing for the supply of lethal arms to Ukraine, up pop the puppets AND the CIA to the rescue, just like in Syria where the CIA and NATO puppet Turkey supplied the Syrian rebels aka ISIS with heavy weapons and training. The script is the same every time, with just a few minor changes.

So has Poroshenko been encouraged by recent signals from the West, including the outrageous vote by the US to not fight Nazi ideology?

It appears so. The OSCE have reported movement of the Ukrainian army's Uragan launch rocket systems in the security zone in eastern Ukraine. These are serious heavy weapons (220mm) and according to the defunct Minsk agreement all heavy weapons should be moved out of the security zone...not into it.

Poroshenko also made a speech less than two weeks ago that made it clear that he understood the signals. He showed complete and utter disregard for the ordinary people of Donbass.
...we [in Ukraine] will have work - they [in the Donbas] won't. We will have pensions - they won't. We will care for our children and pensioners - they won't. Our children will go to school, to kindergartens - their children will sit in cellars. They don't know how to organize or do anything. This, ultimately, is how we will win this war.
Talk about winning hearts and minds! It is easy for billionaire oligarch Poroshenko to sacrifice the population of Ukraine, as he himself can, at any time, scurry off to a cushy palace on the French Riviera, while the Ukrainian people suffer hunger, cold and instability under the onslaught from Poroshenko and NATO's Nazi stormtroopers.

The Ukrainian government have directly targeted the civilian population, through shelling, cutting of pensions, bombing of infrastructure such as power stations, water purification plants, bridges and the like, shelling hospitals, schools, residential buildings, use of phosphorous bombs and cluster munitions. The list of war crimes goes on and the Western presstitute mass media remains not only silent about it, they actively support the fascism on display in Ukraine, by willfully turning a blind eye to these war crimes and Kiev's reign of terror.

Just for the record, let's sum up previous top US officials' visits to Ukraine and the consequences:

In the November last year, the McCain and US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria 'F**k the EU' Nuland were in Kiev encouraging protesters. Shortly afterwards violence spiralled out of control.

End of February this year, top US and EU officials signed a deal with the previous elected president and the opposition. Before the ink was dry, a coup occurred and a new regime backed by the EU and the US took power.

John Kerry then went to Ukraine straight after the coup to show US support for this undemocratic and lawless act.

CIA godfather John Brennan went to Kiev in the beginning of April, which was immediately followed by the beginning of the so-called anti-terror operation against the 7 million people in the Donbass region.

Less than two weeks later vice president Joe Biden visited to encourage and give US backing for this war on the people of South-Eastern Ukraine, who dared to not recognize the new fascist coup regime. That meeting was followed by the appointment, in nepotistic fashion, of Biden's substance-addicted son, Hunter Biden, to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the biggest Gas company in Ukraine.

In June 2014 Victoria Nuland and VP Biden went to Ukraine and were both present at the Inauguration of Poroshenko in early June. It worked its magic and Poroshenko came out swinging for war in his inauguration speech:
  • No federalization
  • No state status for the Russian language
  • No recognition of the Novorossian political leadership
  • Full and unconditional surrender of the Novorossian Defense Forces
  • Crimea will forever belong to the Ukraine.
We all know how that ended. Shortly afterwards a full scale assault by the Ukrainian junta on the Donbass region, which was supposed to lead to decisive victory within weeks, was launched, and Kiev's shock troops were eventually routed after murdering thousands of East Ukrainians.

This is by no means a complete list of the many 'top' Western officials that visited Kiev in the last year, but you get the idea. US officials have not given up on engaging Russia in a war with Ukraine and every time one of them goes to Kiev to talk to their fellow pathocrats and puppets there, the Kiev regime is emboldened for more bloodletting and escalation, instead of seeking a diplomatic solution and abiding by international law.

Putin and Abbott
© UnknownPutin decides to leave early. What's the point staying, when all they want is war and human suffering?
The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is aware of this geopolitical play and has stated that he will not allow the Donbass to be taken over by the fascists in Kiev. The recognition of Crimea by China and their support for the Russian position regarding Ukraine shows that Russia is not alone and has the backing of powerful friends. The fact that Putin left the G20 meeting early has been taken by some analysts as a sign that the US was not open to even the slightest compromise on Ukraine. This could mean a much broader escalation of the war and something that will cost hundreds of thousands of lives. All to satisfy the pathological deviants' lust for power, greed and human suffering.