In a perpetual rotation of armed conflicts around the world, the attention of the American war-geopolitical-media apparatus has returned to focus on the Middle East, in Syria. This time the pretext is called ISIS.
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In the usual scheme established for decades, the manipulation of a minority is exploited by imperialism to create chaos and disorder in a community. The mechanism of 'divide and rule', a distinctive and characteristic American foreign policy, was revived after the end of the Soviet Union. The propellant of religious extremism, at least as strong as the political factor, contained all the features necessary for this purpose.

As 9/11 came true, America waged the "war on terrorism" against Al Qaeda (here's the expedient), bombed 4 nations and Bin Laden killed (...), the fuel began to run out again. The failed attempt by the western media, but very provocative, to replace Al Qaeda with Russia has certified the pins of American foreign policy.

The focus is mainly on 3 factors:
  • Hitting the economic interests of all countries directly connected with Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.
  • Generate as much chaos as possible in the Middle East, in order to avoid the emergence of a power stabilizer such as China, Russia or Iran.
  • Power up the so-called "Wartime-Industrial-Economic-Political-Media" who lives for wars and loves "fighting" terrorism.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen (drones count!), Pakistan, Libya, Iraq (2) and now Syria. Seven countries hit by American weapons in 14 years. An average of a rain of missiles on a sovereign nation every two years. Not to mention the situations in which the United States gave direct support to a nation/faction for their own personal interests (Ukraine, Georgia in 2008 and Syria since 2011).

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Of course, we no longer speak of wars with 'boots on ground'. After the apparatus devastated Iraq and Afghanistan, not even the media have succeeded, for now, in convincing the American people that a new intervene with ground troops is a good idea. The FP (foreign policy), immediately adjusted to this shit and had already changed it's techniques creating proxy wars: destabilizing countries with Color Revolutions and Arab Springs had become a regular practice.

This was enough to apply the situation to the chaos in Middle East and use an established scheme ('divide and rule') and the experience of Gladio, Gladio-B (read as Al Qaeda) to create the fertile conditions for the emerge of ISIL. The organization is composed by minority fanatics that have little or nothing in common with traditional Muslims. ISIS is financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, armed by Turkey, Saudis and Americans, trained in Jordan, coordinated by Mossad / CIA / MIT / MI6 and medicated in Israeli hospitals. All nations that are defined as hostile to Islam. ISIS is the option Obama and his advisers needed for trying, if not directly, to get Iran, Russia and China, or at least there ally Syria, involved.

We are within a pattern not different from the situation in Ukraine. A defense of its sovereignty, by Damascus (with an endorsement of Moscow), would be greeted with great joy by the Western warmonger. It 's the same situation of the desired intervention of Russia in Ukraine.

Comment: The Reverse Brzezinski: The ultimate eurasian dilemma
The idea is to create 'black holes' of absolute disorder in which Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran are "damned if they do, damned if they don't" intervene.

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At this time, a strike against the United States military would be a suicidal tactic, a favor to the Neo Con and Liberal Americans. The apparatus of Wartime-Industrial-Economic-Political-Media would have an easy time of passing the argument that:
  • The United States bombs terrorists in Syria. Damascus defends its airspace and strikes back at American planes or missiles.
  • Damascus hinders Americans who kill the terrorists.
  • Damascus is on the side of the terrorists (thesis that becomes pure propaganda because it is the opposite of what is going on in the last 4 years)
  • The United States hits the terrorists, and also Damascus that "defends" them. (the apotheosis and the total victory of the Apparatus and its propaganda)
Fortunately, a scheme so ineffective is also easily neutralized. Russia will not fall into the trap and certainly Syria will not accomplish this error.

Paradoxical as it may seem, the best move that Russia, Iran and Syria can do now is stand still. Let the apparatus do their propaganda-fake-job and then intervene massively, take the situation in hand and together with the SAA dismantle, once and for all, the Islamic jihadism introduced by the West in Syria and the Middle East as a destabilizing factor.

Comment: As Tony Cartalucci writes:
For now, Syria and its allies must formulate carefully a strategy that resists overreaction to immense provocations, understand the true nature of America's aggression, determining whether it was exercised from a position of strength or immense weakness, and devise countermeasures that accommodate long-term consequences of America's current campaign. A balance between allowing the West to exhaust its last desperate options, but preventing long-term entrenchment of Western-backed proxies must be struck.