UFO in garden
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UFO or part of a Russian Rocket?
Residents in Mengchang village in the province of Heilongjiang were stirred Friday when three unidentified flying objects fell from the sky and landed into a vegetable garden.

The Yi'an county government confirmed that unidentified objects - metallic balls half-covered by a layer of jagged edge - dropped from the sky.

"Villagers in Mengchang heard a loud noise and then saw big ball of fire falling from the sky and into a vegetable garden," the county government said.

"I saw a huge ball of fire, I thought it was a meteorite. I hid inside my house and waited until the object has landed," said one villager who lives near the vegetable farm.

However, a report on Saturday said the unidenfied objects could be part of a Russian rocket, called Proton-M, that crashed outside of Kazakhstan's territory on Friday.

It was the second time in 12 months that a Proton rocket has exploded after lift-off. In July of 2013, an unmanned Proton exploded over Kazakhstan a few minutes after lifting off.

The rocket was carrying an Express-AM4R communications satellite when it exploded in the air some 10 minutes after it lifted-off, Russian media reported.

There was still no confirmation if the objects found in Heilongjiang were indeed part of the rocket that exploded as Russia the fragments of the rocket and its cargo burned up in the air, which means there was not danger for debris to fall into houses or people.

Chinese media, however, suspected the objects found in Heilongjiang were parts of the rockets. Chinese scientists have already been deployed to Heilongjiang to conduct a test on the unidentified objects.

So far, authorities said nothing dangerous has been found and experts were bound to believe that the objects that fell into a village in Heilongjiang were indeed part of an aircraft or rocket that exploded in the air.