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According to a new report, a small asteroid entered earth's atmosphere and busted over the mid-Atlantic ocean on the Eve of New Year. It has been reported that the asteroid, 2014 AA, was discovered by NASA scientists just 21 hours before it entered the Earth's atmosphere. This has raised a question on NASA's search and discovery of Near Earth Objects (NEOs). NASA is capable of noticing asteroids approaching the Earth, well in advance.

No destruction was caused by the asteroid as it was very small in size. This incident has occurred only for the second time in world history. Researchers cited a similar incident that took place in 2008, in which NASA officials reported about a NEO provisionally titled, 2008 TC3, just 19 hours before it made an entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

Frequent interactions of our blue planet with asteroids evoke another incident in the mind, which took place on 15 February, 2013. A meteor, called Chelyabinsk meteor, entered the Earth's atmosphere and exploded over Russia. The impact was considerable as the meteor was 60 feet in diameter.

Two more asteroids are well set to pass Earth's atmosphere on Tuesday, but they have been reported to pass earth over a distance between 22 and 25 million kilometers.