The stars aligned for some lucky Fraser Coast sky watchers on Wednesday evening.

Dozens of people reported seeing what was believed to be a meteorite crossing the sky about 8pm.

Cassandra Perry was among those who caught a glimpse and shared her experience on the Fraser Coast Chronicle's Facebook page.

"Yes, I saw a light moving fast through the sky, so I ran outside and saw it was a meteor," she said.

"I could see it burning up, looked like it had a tail similar to what fireworks looks like, an awesome sight."

Commenter Sally Mackay said she saw it with her daughter as they were leaving a school awards night.

Another Facebook poster, Florence McMaster, said she saw it too but was too awe-struck to capture a photo.

"It was comet-like with long tails ... we and another couple saw it, much slower than a shooting star and (there were) several moving together."

Hervey Bay Astronomical Society president Joe Mather said he saw a couple of meteorites on Wednesday night.

"It's staggering," he said.

Mr Mather said during the past week there had been some incredible sightings.

He said meteorites were often created from debris left by a comet and gravity attracted them to Earth.