Perhaps you've been wondering why the alarmists have been so shrill lately? It's not because the climate is overheating, to the contrary it's beginning to cool - and so their sham is about to be blown out into the open for everyone to see.

© Public DomainAustrian meteorological data show that European Alps have been cooling, at times massively, over the last 20 years.
Evaluated data from the Austrian ZAMG meteorological institute now unmistakably show that the Alps have been cooling over the last 20 years and longer, "at some places massively" thus crassly contradicting all the loud claims, projections, and model sceanrios made earlier by global warming scientists.

German meteorologist Dominik Jung reports on the data he himself evaluated from the European Alps and concludes at the German-language Huffington Post here:
We are obviously very far away from milder winters. The trend actually is moving in the opposite direction! A few years ago climatologists advised winter sports locations in the Alps to reduce their investments in winter sports facilities - because of the ever increasing mean temperatures, they soon would not be worth it. So we ask ourselves, which increasing temperatures are the ladies and gentlemen even talking about?"
Some places have seen "massive cooling"

According to an expert review conducted by the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG), the Austrian state weather service, using weather data from the last 20 years or more:
"Winters there indeed are shown to have gotten colder over the last 20 years, and in some places quite massively. The last two winters at Kitzbühel were in fact the coldest of the last 20 years."
Jung then writes that also four other high elevation stations in the Alps were assessed: Zugspitze in Germany, Schmittenhöhe in Austria, Sonnblick in Austria and Säntis in Switzerland. Result:
They all yielded the same amazing result: Winters in the Alps over the last decades have become significantly colder, the data show."
Jung writes that data from extra long datasets from 20 to 30 years were examined, "just like climatologists always insist."

Jung then informs readers that he asked the Austrian meteorological experts on site what they thought of the results. According to Jung, the reaction was either dead silence induced by shock, or attempts to downplay the results. Had the data shown warming instead, then of course we would be hearing just the opposite of silence and downplaying...we'd be hearing the hysterical screams of bloody climate murder!

Humiliated science

Jung speculates that the reason meteorologists and climatologists don't want to hear about the results is because "it doesn't fit with their world view." After all, just a few years ago they were cock-sure about their predictions of winters without snow and that skiing was only going to be possible at extremely high elevations. Science just possibly could not be humiliated to a greater extent.

Near the end of his Huffington Post essay, Jung comments that it appears that "climate warming has become a religion. Those belonging to it do not tolerate new findings", even those that stem from solid observations and measurements.

Meteorologist Jung concludes that it's almost scandalous that the responsible authorities are simply ignoring these findings.