Don't lay off the salt!

Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, author of Immortality and Dead Doctors Don't Lie, talks about the many conditions that stem from low salt levels in the body. You might be surprised to find out what those are!

Salt is an essential nutrient. Sodium chloride. You cannot have nerve impulses without sodium chloride. They're an integral part of the biochemical system of nerve transmission.

You cannot move water around your body, or retain it in the right compartments, inside your blood vessels, inside your tissues, inside the cells, you can't keep things in the right compartments without sodium chloride.

The chief cells in your stomach cannot make stomach acid without salt. Sodium chloride is the raw material to make hydrochloric acid.

"If anyone else did this [make such detrimental recommendations for health] they'd be put in jail for life."