For two days now, villagers and authorities in the west coast of Zamboanga remain baffled after a big ball of fire streaked from the southern skies at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, hitting the coastal water before exploding and illuminating nearby villages.

Senior Inspector Edilberto Alvarez, the police commander of Station 9, confirmed the mysterious phenomenon but could neither offer a clear explanation of the incident at Barangays La Paz and Talisayan.

Alvarez said a dull but loud explosion occurred later at the sea water fronting Barangay Talisayan.

"It was confusing because based on my own experience an improvised bomb if exploded would not create such bright and colorful light covering a massive area compared to that one... whatever it was," Alverez said.

The police official also dismissed the possibility that the ball of fire that exploded was man-made.

The police official said investigation conducted from among the residents of Talisayan disclosed that that ball of bright glaring fire streaked from above the skies came from east to west, passing through the airspace of Barangay La Paz toward Talisayan.

The areas were brightened up briefly by the passing mysterious ball of fire that hit the middle of the sea water in front of the NY canning company in Talisayan and exploded.

The police commander said none of the people in the area could also tell who were responsible for such mysterious explosion.

Alvarez they continued to investigate but admitted limitations in going deeper since the area where the ball of fire landed and exploded was in the deep sea.