The picture you see is of a meteor "Fireball" over Indiana on Friday night. You might remember that just last week there was one seen over Canada. And then, just last night (Saturday), many News 2 viewers in Middle Tennessee saw another one. This one was also seen over Alabama according to Twitter posts I have seen.

My good friend James Spann in Birmingham says that Bill Cook from NASA says that this was the 15th significant one this month and that is "very unusual". It's hard to catch video like this on your phone because the meteor goes by too fast. The pictures of the Indiana and Canada meteors were taken by police "dash board cams".

A video of Saturday night's from James Spann's Google+ page:
Another video of the fireball over Alabama last night... captured by Melanie Witt... who writes...

"I am a band parent of the Cleveland High School Golden Force Marching Band and videoed the meteor at the band competition in Weaver, Al. We first thought the band playing on the field had shot something into the sky as part of their show but everyone decided it was a meteor. It was an amazing sight!!!"


A video of last night's "fireball" taken over Alabama and relayed by James Spann of ABC 33/40 Birmingham. He also got some more comments from Bill Cooke, of NASA's Meteoroid Environments Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville:
"I would say the fireball originated in North Alabama and moved east-southeast, finally burning up over Atlanta (we had a bright one over that city 7 days ago!). The video shows that it was about the brightness of the crescent Moon, which means we are talking about a meteoroid a few inches in diameter. hard to be more precise without a speed measurement."