Helicopter Sniper Adventure in rural Texas offers gun hobbyists a real-world video game experience, including the chance to shoot at targets while hanging from a helicopter.

Though the customers might be pleased with the adventure, neighbors in the rural Texas town are less than pleased and are growing increasingly worried about stray bullets from overly enthusiastic adventure-goers shooting into their homes.

"The first time they were hovering right over our two acres, shooting at whatever," Denton County, North Texas resident, Michael Lauer, told WFAA. Lauer is one of many homeowners in the area concerned about the dangers the local business poses.

"You really didn't know - were they shooting at me?" Lauer said. "You just know, someday, one of them is going to hit the house or do something."

Helicopter Sniper Adventure offers customers the chance to ride in a helicopter over land and water, all the while shooting at various targets and trying to earn as many points as possible for positive hits. The adventure costs $795 per person, and each participant is given 500 rounds to shoot along the course.

The neighbors in the area are understandably worried about the threat untrained shooters pose to their homes and families and are also sick of the helicopter noise in the area.

Dan Claassen, a company employee, does not see the business as a threat or as noise pollution.

"It's not like we're endangering anybody's life with our flight patterns or our techniques,'" Claassen said.

Claassen also explained the company uses one of the quietest helicopters available and that it does not go out every day.

"So it's not noise pollution," he said.

Less than satisfied with the company's consideration of their homes, the neighbors plan to take the case to court in order to get the business shut down.