Waco: A New Revelation
is a 1999 documentary directed by Jason Van Vleet about the 1993 massacre of Branch Davidians, a religious sect targeted by the Feds to make an example of anyone thinking of forming into self-sustaining communities that were not under government control.

It is based on further research to another documentary Waco: The Rules of Engagement.

In this documentary, interviews with new people are conducted and more evidence is presented, one of which is a hole in the roof of "the bunker", allegedly made with an explosive charge. Another analysis is made of images allegedly showing an FBI helicopter killing a Branch Davidian in the Mt. Carmel courtyard.

A retired army officer and a CIA agent both reveal how they have spoken to several Combat Applications Group (nicknamed "Delta Force") soldiers, who all confirm that they were present on April 19, 1993 and that they were "involved in a firefight with the Branch Davidians".