(Translated by SOTT)

"On Tuesday evening, a very bright meteor appeared over southern Poland." said Mariusz Wisniewski from the Comet and Meteor Workshop (PKiM) astronomic association. April 16, 2013 at 22:26 the sky over the Polish-Czech-Slovak border was illuminated by a very bright fireball. The fireball has been recorded by many fireball stations in the Polish Fireball Network and also by stations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. An analysis of these recordings is in process. Preliminary estimates lead to the conclusion that this was a very long phenomenon. It was recorded over a distance of nearly 250 km. High-speed entry into the atmosphere and the height at which the fireball vanished exclude a possibility of finding any meteorites.

Eyewitnesses talked about its blue-green color and an apparent visible fragmentation. A photographer from Hungary was extremely lucky. He registered the final phase of the fireball's flight with his camera with telephoto lens. The pictures clearly show the color of the phenomenon, an orange trail left behind, and several clearly separated fragments at the end.