09 February 2013 - Jeremy Greeley, CO, USA 2:30 MST
5 seconds duration. Emerald green color. Between moon and Sun in brightness. A little bit emerald green, it was a meteor/ fireball that seemed to go beneath the clouds and light up the sky.
09 February 2013 - Brian & Michelle, FALCON, COLORADO, USA 01:55 MST
3-5 seconds duration. W-E diirection. I was facing north. Bright green with bright green tail. Not as bright as the sun, but brighter than the moon. It was huge and it looked like it hit the ground because as it disappeared from our sight. There seemed to be an explosion of light. It did not shoot across the sky but appeared have fallen down out of the sky
09 February 2013 - Daniel, San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA 01:55 MST
2-3 seconds duration. Before it fell behind the mountains, it traveled NNW as I was driving due north. Bright, but not as bright as the moon. After the meteorite fell out of sight behind mountains, there was a flash that illuminated the mountains from behind. The flash behind the mountains was very surprising.
09 February 2013 - Shawn Wright, Wyoming, US 01:54 MST
3 seconds duration. E-W direction, I was facing south. It was overcast out and I seen a big blue greenish flash in the sky. It was very cloudy out yet the fireball was bright enough to light up the whole sky and you could see it move from east to west! Very bright at first, it then faded away.