Corbin, Kentucky - "It sounded like an explosion."

"I thought I heard thunder."

"It may have been a sonic boom."

"We felt the house shake."

"I heard something twice."

"My wife and I felt an earthquake."

Dozens of reports similar to this flooded all areas of law enforcement Wednesday, from Whitley County, to Laurel, Knox and McCreary counties.

The general consensus is the first "boom" was approximately at 1 p.m., the second around 2 p.m.

However, as of press time, no official answers were available.

"There's no determination yet that this was a quake," said Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell. "This was just a real freak thing."

Local reports came in from Woodbine, the Cumberland Falls junction, Gray, the Corbin bypass, the Corbin Industrial Park, Corinth Road, Corinth Cemetery Road, Young Cemetery Road, Lily, Cold Hill, Highland Park, Shiner Church Road, Bee Creek Road, Little Spruce Creek Road, Williamsburg, Cold Hill, Rockholds, Grove Marina, Gordon Hill, Fox Run, Tattersall and beyond.

"We just don't know what it was," Harrell said. "Some people said it sounded like a roar, others a boom."

He said a relative of one of his staff "had her dishes rattle in the cupboard."

"There are all kinds of theories," he said. "An old mine explosion, a sonic boom - but all the people who called say about the same thing.

"What was it?"

According to Harrell, Emergency Management Director Danny Moses said there was no indication of an earthquake.

"We're in the age of high technology and can't figure out what it was," he said. "(People said) they heard the sound or felt it."

"I'm at a loss," Harrell said. "But I do want to know what it was."