Arif Huseynov: "The Volcano was too powerful at the beginning and the mud covered more than 2 ha of the area"

Baku. Kamala Guliyeva - Lokbatan mud volcano erupted in the morning has weakened, Executive of Mud Volcanism Department under the Geology Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Arif Huseynov told APA.

Huseynov said that the eruption process is being studied. The volcano accompanied by a rumble at 05.00 spew flames at 09.00: "According to the preliminary observations, the eruption was powerful and mud spread across the area of more than 2 ha. The exact information will be announced after the measurements. But this eruption was more powerful than the eruption in 2010. At that time, the mud covered about 2 ha area."

Husyenov says that no flame is being observed in the area: "The volcano has already weakened. It is not likely to flame again, as it's weakened."

The Lokbatan mud volcano is the most active volcano in Azerbaijan and in the world. Last time the volcano erupted in 2010. This is the 24th eruption of the volcano.

Fortunately there aren't any houses in the area, but there are oil wells.