© The Associated Press/The Canadian Press/Kevin P. CaseyJohn Henry Browne has been asked to represent the American soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan.
US, Seattle - The lawyer representing a U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians has only appeared in military court a handful of times in a career spanning 40-plus years, but he's no stranger to high-profile clients.

John Henry Browne has represented serial killer Ted Bundy as well as Colton Harris-Moore, known as the "Barefoot Bandit."

The 65-year-old said he has handled only three or four military cases. The soldier, whose name still has not been announced, will also have at least one military lawyer.

Browne is known equally for his zeal in representing his clients and his flair before television cameras.

In addition to being a lawyer for Bundy, he helped Benjamin Ng avoid the death penalty following his conviction in Washington state's worst mass killing, the massacre of 13 people at a Seattle restaurant.

In one of his greatest legal victories, Browne ensured that a man who fled to Brazil after setting a fire that killed four firefighters would not face murder charges upon his return because the extraditing country - Brazil - did not have a felony murder statute equivalent to Washington's.

Browne recently represented Harris-Moore, who gained international attention for stealing airplanes, boats and cars during a two-year run from the law. Browne helped Harris-Moore reach state and federal plea deals, then persuaded a state judge to give him the low end of the sentencing range: seven years in prison.

Source: The Canadian Press