Abdo Hussameddin, Syria's deputy oil minister, saying he can no longer overlook "the crimes of this regime."

A youtube video was put up on Thursday March 8, 2012 displaying the DEPUTY Oil Minister declaring a public defection.

Who is Hussameddian?

Hussameddin was employed by the Oil Sector as a technical employee to help run and distribute oil between August/September of 2009.

There are two positions the Syrian government put under the Oil Minister. One is a Deputy Minister and the other is a General Manager to help things run smoothly. A Deputy Minister is the Oil Minister's right-hand man and is more hands-on with political issues.

Hussameddian was a technical employee (General Manager), not the deputy minister. But of course we all know the propaganda stunts that the media pulls.

Why did Hussameddian defect?

According the oil ministry records, a warrant was issued for his arrest after discovering he had stolen millions of dollars from the government. He was also seen to have charges of monopoly and fraud against him.

He sold a geological map belonging to Syria, which was identified as being a military secret, to foreigners. This geological map basically outlines Syria's prime assets and where they're located among other things.

He was said to have had relations with NESTE & MARATHON oil companies, to which he sold oil to illegally.

Of course the defection stunt was probably staged. Let's recall back in October, Walid al-Muallem (Syria's Foreign Minister) was offer $150 million by Qatar to "defect" when he visited Doha for a meeting.

Source: SyrianTruth.org