Dave vonKleist – Relaxed and happy, living in Argentina
On the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the USA, which caused the deaths and injuries of thousands of innocent people, many people spent the day reflecting and remembering the loss of life, and on what has happened to America since that fateful day. The deaths and injuries were, in themselves, an appalling tragedy but an ongoing serious consequence of the attacks has been, and still is, the gradual erosion of civil rights and privacy of US citizens.

My time of reflection on September 11 was spent in the delightful company of Dave vonKleist, an American patriot, who for many years was on the frontline of the battle to keep America free from government tyranny and to protect the civil rights and freedom of the American people. Using humor and the politically incorrect music that he wrote, performed and recorded, Dave vonKleist entertained and informed listeners with his unique style of broadcasting on a radio show, The Power Hour which he co-hosted with Joyce Riley.

Dave vonKleist is also well known for the production of two video documentaries, "911 In Plane Site" and "911 Ripple Effect". These documentaries were an examination, by experts, of the video evidence of the attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon and posed questions that could not be answered with any credibility. To this day, Dave vonKleist is still on the receiving end of a mix of warm accolades and vicious attacks for daring to raise questions that needed to be asked.

Now living in Argentina, Dave vonKleist is a world away from the life when he relentlessly spent his days working towards increasing the American people's awareness of the corruption and tyranny that are slowly eating away at their rights and freedoms.

Relaxed and happy, Dave vonKleist agreed to a "no questions barred" interview. Among other things I asked him to explain his reasons for leaving America to become an expatriate; for the truth behind his departure from The Power Hour; I wanted to know his reasons for choosing Argentina as his adopted home; and to give a response to, and comment on, the personal attacks and financial losses he has endured.

Susan Beverley: I am sorry to start off with this question, but there is a small part of our audience that will want to know this: Do you hate America?

Dave vonKleist: Maybe that part of the audience is not so small, because that question is raised frequently. I fought for many years and tried to contribute to the effort to bring the USA to what it once was and to bring attention to the problems our government and country was experiencing. This resulted in small minded individuals coming to the conclusion that I must somehow hated my country, when in fact it is my love for my country that motivated me to draw attention to its weakness in the hopes that we could correct the direction it was taking. For many of us who became vocal activists, we had to endure the same negative assumptions that we endure now as expats. If those who had been active participants in the rumor mongering and ridicule game had directed their efforts in to effecting the real change, it is likely people such as myself would not have felt the need to become expats. If someone truly loves their country, then it is their duty to do all they can to correct problems as they develop, rather than condemn those with the courage to do so. Sadly, the majority of the American "sheeple" fail to understand this essential philosophy, which is why things have gotten so bad and folks like myself are pegged as "hating their country". Those who parrot and subscribe to the phrase, "America, love it or leave it" are a major reason why things have gotten so bad.

To answer your question, I do not hate America - I hate what America has become. The corruption and the deprivation of our civil rights have destroyed my personal American dream.

Susan Beverley: When a super patriot becomes an expatriate it suggests to me that this is time for all Americans to seriously consider relocating overseas. What were the circumstances that led you to make the decision to leave America?

Dave vonKleist: Leaving my country was not an easy decision. Having thrown my heart and soul into the resistance movement for the past twenty years and rubbing elbows with some the most dedicated, honest patriotic people that I have the pleasure of knowing, I came to the sad realization that the majority of Americans have become to depend on the efforts of a few, when what is truly required is the efforts of many.

I sometimes had the impression that by being a radio talk show host and discussing topics that were either shunned or ignored by the main stream media, that we were somehow filling a need for the globalists by giving our listenership a place to vent.

It is easy to believe that something can get done when sitting at home listening to a short wave radio or computer or live stream where people discuss these topics and have the mistaken impression that by simply listening we can win this thing. Complacency, apathy and fear all play a vital role for the powers that be. It is a well known fact that the attention span for most people is 2 to 3 weeks. For many Americans, whatever the issue or topic is that makes their blood boil, after a few weeks they "cool off" and then it's business as usual. Until the majority of Americans realize that it's time to break out the tar and feathers, the pitchforks and torches and storm the castle then nothing will be accomplished.

Susan Beverley: You spent many years as an activist trying to raise the American people's awareness of government corruption and their attacks on the constitution. Now you are an expat have you totally withdrawn from such activism and if so why?

Dave vonKleist: Early on in my activist role I was told by many to beware of burnout. At the time I didn't quite realize what that meant. However as the years passed and my pace was maintained I began to understand how important it is to take the time to try and enjoy some things in life rather than constantly carrying the burden of a black cloud.

I became somewhat disenchanted as I found that some of the "patriots" in the movement were more concerned with their personal status, pride maintenance and nourishing their ego. Regular listeners to my program will attest to the fact that for many years my mantra was: "If you're in it for the praise, recognition, accolades or money, you're in it for the wrong reason. What part of divided we fall don't you understand? What part of united we stand don't you get?" We as patriots should not see others in the movement as competitors, but rather as teammates. We don't have to agree on all topics or issues. Patriots need to see the common enemies and issues and work towards overcoming hem them. Then they can all get back to the infighting, backstabbing and gossip, (if that's what they think they need to do.)

The infighting and rumor mongering became commonplace in the patriot movement. The issue for some appeared to become that of "exposing others" and it saddened my heart to find that so many well meaning patriots had egos so fragile that they could no longer focus on their issue and rather redirected their efforts towards personal attacks and defending against them. What a great way to neutralize someone who is successfully affecting a change! Put them on the defensive to the point that they can no longer effectively move forward! I for one could care less of what people say about me.

With all the crazy attacks and accusations I was subjected to, I very rarely responded. And the idiots who believed that tripe are no more worthy of my time than those spewing it.

Sadly, given the disharmony and lack of unity in the "patriot" movement I came to realize that my words spoken in 1995 were truer than I wanted them to be: "Either we all fight them together or we all sit back and wait for them to collapse under the weight of their own corruption".

The way I see it, I paid it forward enough for a couple of lifetimes. My priority now is to enjoy what time I have left on this earth, to 'live, laugh, love and sing about it'.

I have not completely withdrawn but am on hiatus to give myself time to heal from the personal, emotional and financial losses suffered at the hands of other so called "patriots".

Susan Beverley: I would like to ask you about the Power Hour that you co-hosted with Joyce Riley. This was, and still is an immensely popular radio show. So why did you quit?

Dave vonKleist: Quit? That idea has been publicized but is quite untrue. You can figure out the opposite of "quit". I suppose all things run their course and the Power Hour had a good run. Joyce and I had a difference of philosophy and the direction the show had taken and she made a "business decision". My only regret is the way I was terminated and that I was not afforded the opportunity to thank the listeners for their support for all those years and to say goodbye... at least for the time being.

There are still unresolved issues on this topic and so I will leave out the finer details ... for now. It is said "when poverty comes in the door love goes out the window". Sometimes a success can have the same effect. The problem is when the success or financial rewards overshadow the very reason you began your endeavor in the first place, you end up corrupting your own values for the sake of more "stuff".

Susan Beverley: You had thousands of followers who were inspired by your motivational broadcasts and unique delivery; do you feel you are letting them down by no longer being on the air?

Dave vonKleist: I remember listening to the "For the People" broadcast with Chuck Harder when I lived in Connecticut. When the station that carried his broadcast changed its programming I felt the loss. I can understand how many listeners may have felt when I was no longer on the radio. I am truly sorry for any loss they may have felt or still feel, but again the circumstance was not under my control.

Susan Beverley: You worked for many years supporting Gulf War Veterans providing free information packages and DVD's. Are you still involved in any way in providing ongoing support to vets?

Dave vonKleist: Joyce Riley and I came together in the mid 90's because of our common concern for our men and women who had served in the military. The Power Hour began in the year 2000 and at first maintained a focus on Veteran issues and became a clearing house for free information for those who simply asked. Over the years we gave away several hundred thousand dollars in videos, documents, printed materials, clothing, basic necessities and in some cases cash to Vets who had reached a point of desperation.

I believe it is because of our efforts to help Vets the Power Hour became the success that it was. As the radio show became more popular, our topics became more diverse and it appeared to me that we might have lost sight of the very reason that we became involved in the first place.

I would challenge anyone to visit the Power Hour archives or guest schedule today and find how many shows per month are dedicated towards the Vets. I had no say in the scheduling of guests on the program. The direction it took was a result of Joyce Riley being at the helm. My support for Vets remains un-wavering; it is my resources that are no longer available. Vets can still contact the Power Hour and ask for help.

Susan Beverley: Your two video documentaries, 911 In Plane Site and 911 The Ripple Effect opened many people's eyes to the possibility that the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon were not simply terrorist attacks and raised many questions that to this day are still unanswered. What motivated you to go ahead and produce these videos?

Dave vonKleist: On that horrible day we were preparing to go on air with our live broadcast. As we fired up the equipment and turned on our TV monitor I saw the north tower smoking, as it had been hit at 8:46 AM (EST) - just minutes before our live broadcast. When our microphones went live at 9 AM, the first thing I said to the listeners was, "Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, run, don't walk to your VCR, put in a tape and start recording any network you can find". Many of our listeners did just that and 3 minutes later the south tower was hit. After several months of America suffering a 911 hangover, video tapes began arriving by mail.

Listeners across the country were sending me copies of what they had recorded and I ended up with between 65 and 70 video tapes of raw, unedited live broadcasts. At first I didn't know what to do with them but when the controversy about the Pentagon began to build I began reviewing the video tapes. What I found in regard to the pentagon led me to review the footage of the events in New York City. Shocked does not describe my reaction. I realized that Fox has Fox footage; CNN has CNN footage and NBC, ABC, CBS and all the others all have their OWN footage. Here I am in the middle of nowhere Missouri with a box of video tapes with ALL the footage! The way I saw it, I had no choice but to try and share what I had seen with our listeners.

911 In Plane Site was released in July 2004. Admittedly, I was surprised at the level of attention it received. I was invited as a guest on many radio shows. When the US government released the "more complete" security camera video footage from the Pentagon in '05, I was asked to be a guest on the Glen Beck show (when he was still with CNN). I knew right away that this would be an attempt to discredit and ridicule myself and others who dared question the "official story". Despite his efforts, Glen Beck actually drew more attention to the questions I was raising simply by ignoring video footage and photographs and relying on the age old methodology of attacking the messenger because you don't like the message.

Popular Mechanics was forced into doing a damage control article and addressing issues that obviously had been avoided by the main stream media. The article was a collection of "massaged information" and total avoidance. James Miges was invited numerous times to appear on the radio show (either live or recorded) and simply refused. I wrote a response piece and also addressed the propagenda in a segment of "911 Ripple Effect".

The controversy continued to build and the hits just kept on coming. The ripple effect following the release of 911 In Plane Site led to the production of the second film, "911 Ripple Effect". Many have stated that the second film is like the first only on steroids. The ridicule and attacks seemed to subside somewhat after the release of the second film. The questions raised, coupled with the mainstream media and government reaction over the release of the first film lent credibility to the second. I still get letters, emails and Facebook messages from people all over the world who thank me for opening their eyes and I am humbled by it. It is I who should thank them.

Susan Beverley: Following the release of the first and then the second 911 videos you were on the receiving end of some brutal criticism from those who labeled you as a conspiracy theorist whacko and a Nazi disinformer among other things. What is your response to these critics?

Dave vonKleist: As they say you don't catch flak unless you are over the target. I still challenge anyone who calls me a conspiracy theorist to tell me what 'theory' I am promoting. I was and remain very careful about making any definitive statements in regard to the 911 attacks and this infuriates many of those who want to somehow negate the validity of the questions raised. And they are just that, questions raised. (Questions that many not only do not want answered, but don't want asked).

As far as the "Nazi disinfo" label please consider the source [] - a defrocked, disbarred "attorney" who called herself a 'good Christian', claims she wants to expose the "truth" and yet has no documentation, evidence or proof to substantiate her outrageous charges. Sometimes it's wise to examine the accusatory finger rather than the direction to where it is pointing. Anyone with functioning brain matter who reads through the website would likely find it akin to Jack Nicholson's rambling writings in "The Shining". Again, I won't even waste my time responding to questions raised by idiots who get their information from websites of that caliber. In my public appearances and radio broadcasts I have stated many times, if you have proof or evidence that I am a CIA agent, Mossad agent, a Neo-Nazi skinhead, or anything else, please expose me for the fraud you say that I am but please do so with credible evidentiary facts. Not by innuendo gossip rumor mongering or demonstration of an over active imagination.

Susan Beverley: The 911 videos sold tens of thousands of copies, therefore it is reasonable to assume you have a very comfortable retirement fund on which you can live in style in Argentina. Is that the case?

Dave vonKleist: There are some who think I left the US with a bag of money from the video sales. The fact of the matter is that William Lewis, co-producer of "911 Ripple Effect", slapped a lawsuit on me in a dispute over "gross profit" vs. "net profit" a month after the DVD was released. The issue was over $2.42 per minute of advertising and promotion on the radio and travel expenses to Wisconsin to promote the video's release (just over a few hundred dollars). After hiring an attorney to respond to his lawsuit, his attorney (I assume at William's instructions) foot-dragged and delayed responding. I was prevented from duplicating, distributing or selling the video until I could obtain sales receipts, which Joyce was unwilling to provide. The result was that I have not received a single penny from the video and to date, I am not involved in any duplication or sales. Those who want to know more can ask William Lewis why he handled it so "fairly". It is a little difficult to accept being so thoroughly screwed over by other "patriots" who claim they love their country more than money. Deeds not words. Let that be the barometer to judge other's motivations.

Susan Beverley: You are equally well known for your patriotic and frankly politically incorrect music and have written and recorded 3 albums. Can we expect to hear any new musical offerings from you in the future?

Dave vonKleist: I am flattered that so many people expressed their appreciation for my music and sometimes humorous musical antics. Music is in my blood and always will be. I still involve myself with politically incorrect musical projects but not to the extent of the past 15 years.

Sales of my albums were mediocre only because the numbers of people involved in the resistance movement have been mediocre. I hate to admit it, but despite the fact that more Americans have awakened in the past few years most have not moved to the second stage which is direct involvement.

I have been a musician for 40 years now and had quite a successful run during the 70's and 80's as a singer, guitar player and studio vocalist. I have moved back to my roots as of late only because it is what I did for so long and quite frankly I don't suck at it.

No matter what happens in the coming years, people will always want music to express their love, joy and sometimes heartbreaks of life. Most people would rather listen to their favorite album of familiar songs than to some patriotic politically incorrect, in- your-face-you-lying-SOB-government musician giving a lyrical lambasting to the powers that be.

Let's face it wouldn't you rather listen to your favorite love song than to some guy shaking a musical fist in the faces of the globalists and vowing an eternal fight for the coming generations?

Susan Beverley: I have to ask the obvious - why did you choose Argentina as your new country of residence?

Dave vonKleist: The world economy is on the brink of collapse. The US military industrial complex has a stranglehold on the economy of our country and the world. When our country's economic survival depends upon feeding a machine that kills for profit with total disregard for human life or the survival of the planet it should be clear that global military conflict is inevitable.

When I first considered leaving the country I asked myself the question that many others ask themselves - where in the world is it safe? The question should be - where is it safer than where I am? No place is truly safe when facing the specter of a third world war and if or when it comes, it will be on a scale that is beyond most of our ability to comprehend. Nuclear, chemical and radiological toxins are already at intolerable levels. Can you imagine what the Northern hemisphere will be like if the entire Middle East, Far East, Europe and yes, North America are plunged into a war that utilizes chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, depleted uranium rounds and biological agents? The collapse of the infrastructure of many cites will throw humanity into a state of total anarchy. Don't laugh! - a "Mad Max" scenario is truly possible. The weather patterns and ocean currents for the most part will keep much of the pollution and contamination to the Northern hemisphere. For me, this was one of the reasons why I considered moving to the Southern hemisphere. When looking at a globe, one can see that most of the land mass is north of the equator. The Southern hemisphere consists mainly of the Southern third of Africa, part of Indo-China and Australia, New Zealand, the Southern half of South America and Antarctica. After doing some research, checking the climates agriculture and other logistics I came to the conclusion that Argentina was to be seriously considered as relatively safe haven to ride out what the coming storm. No, it's not perfect here, there are political problems and corruption as there are anywhere else, but the people here are more in touch with their families and loved ones. Unlike the US, Aregentina has seen economic collapse and tyranny in recent years and the people know the consequences. They are more prepared in many ways to make it through hard times. The area I'm in is rural, agricultural and the people are well versed in the barter system. Sure, the infrastructure isn't on par with the US, but who cares when it comes to basic survival.

Susan Beverley: I understand you recently made a trip to the USA after living in Argentina for the past year and half. What observations and comparisons can you share with us, in particular to the lifestyle and attitudes of the people in your home nation and your new adopted country?

Dave vonKleist: In years previous, people who had no concern or interest in a "patriot" or "resistance" movement, people who subscribed to the status quo, people who actually pooh-poohed the idea that something is wrong, appear now to be suffering the consequences of their complacency. During my recent visit, friends whom I had not seen for some time were now expressing fears and concerns about issues like the illegality of the federal reserve and IRS, the exponential and unchecked growth of the military industrial complex, the corporatism that now rules over both parties, all branches of government, the media etc., all are issues that I and many others were screaming about for years. I had to resist numerous opportunities to say, "I told you so."

When immersed in the American culture it is very difficult to see the problems and short comings of our country until things get so bad that you wake up one morning and find you are staring in to the eyes of a beast. The other way to become aware of Americas warts is to step away for a while and look back from a new perspective.

After having now gained a whole new perspective, looking from the outside in, my perception is that the people in America are angry, frustrated and more afraid than they were before 9-11 or any other time in our country's history. Now America has the department of homeland security, super congress, FEMA, a Patriot Bill, none of which were brought in to existence by Osama, Saddam or Al Qaeda (Al CIAda). So why don't Americans feel safer? Did it ever occur to them that the whole point was to bring about their discontent so as to justify the creation of the bureaucracies, the passage of oppressive laws and economic conditions that have brought us to a higher level of complacency? (The Hegelian dialectic still works)

By comparison, the people in the area of Argentina where I live are freer to focus on the more important things in life. A lifestyle that is unencumbered by the fear, frustration and anger is the goal of many expats like myself who have chosen to relocate to an area where the values are more focused on family, friends and quality of life. After all, isn't that what we all want?

Susan Beverley: Are you back in Argentina permanently now, or do you anticipate any circumstances or changes that that would entice you to returning to live in the USA?

Dave vonKleist: All options are on the table, but quite frankly until the USA offers the security, opportunity and moral fiber that I grew up believing was available, I have every right and indeed duty to myself and loved ones to pursue greener pastures as I see them. It breaks my heart to say so but I'm simply calling a spade a spade.

Susan Beverley: Overall, do you feel safer living in Argentina than in the USA?

Dave vonKleist: Absolutely! If you want to be free, you have to live free. As mentioned, my new mantra for the remainder of my life is simple: "Live, Laugh, Love and Sing about it!" Until conditions in the United States of America improve, I will be unable to return because I cannot "live" there.

Susan Beverley: And to conclude this interview, what message would you like to share with anyone who has an interest in your whereabouts and wellbeing?

Dave vonKleist: First off, I want to thank those who supported me during the "Power Hour" years and want them to know my heart is, and always will be, with those who stood with me at all those events we attended around the country. My message to them and to all the others who care is to find peace with your friends and family. In the end, all we have is the love around us, and that is the only thing that matters. If we are to be consumed with anger, frustration, fear and hatred, it diminishes and distracts us from the important things in life and lessens us as human beings. I have accepted the fact that I could only do so much and gave all I had to give... and then some. Despite my efforts, vets are still abused, the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks continue to run free and the globalist-NWO agenda continues to move forward. I can't change that.

What time I have left is now dedicated to sharing with my loved ones and bringing music and laughter to those around me.