The Register One of the Biggest British technology news and opinion website got hacked by Turkguvenligi . Not only this Vodafone, Telegraph, Acer, National Geographic, Ups.com , betfair.com also got hacked by him. Turkguvenligi is also know with name "TG Hacker'. These hacks are done by DNS Hijacking method. But still theregister.co.uk and other sites are accessible via the original IP address ( from several places around the world.

Nameserver lookup of the register has the following nameservers now:

theregister.co.uk. 86129 IN NS ns4.yumurtakabugu.com.
theregister.co.uk. 86129 IN NS ns2.yumurtakabugu.com.
theregister.co.uk. 86129 IN NS ns1.yumurtakabugu.com.
theregister.co.uk. 86129 IN NS ns3.yumurtakabugu.com.

But, It should probably look something like:

theregister.co.uk nameserver = ns1.theregister.co.uk
theregister.co.uk nameserver = ns2.theregister.co.uk
theregister.co.uk nameserver = ns3.theregister.co.uk
theregister.co.uk nameserver = ns4.theregister.co.uk
theregister.co.uk nameserver = ns5.theregister.co.uk
theregister.co.uk nameserver = ns6.theregister.co.uk

Also the TTL for the domain has a TTL of 24 hours. It may take a while for normal service to resume. TG hack most of the biggest sites in past, Like Microsoft, Dell , Zdnet, F-Secure, Adobe etc. You can check his Zone-h Record of defacement here.

Hacker Deface these websites and wrote "h4ck1n9 is not a cr1m34. Sept. We TurkGuvenligi declare this day as World Hackers Day - Have fun ;) h4ck y0u".