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Tucked away safely down here on earth, the limits of our imagination is confined to sci-fi films, and the odd natural disaster - ok increasingly natural disasters, but sometimes we do need to be reminded we are a part of something more...

July 2011 to date has been a busy time with that something more when it comes to comets. The preoccupation with comets Elenin and Nibiru also takes away from the comet show that has been taking place since the beginning of the year, but has particularly busy in July 2011.

1st July - Ballyeaston, U.K. A fireball was sighted near the village, and reported to Armagh Observatory

1st July - 31st - U.S. - Across the U.S. 277 reports for July alone were recorded.

1st July - Dandenong, Australia - At 4.50am flames of green, blue, and yellow caught the attention of one witness.

1st July - Doveton, Australia - What looked like a faking star turned bright green and blue, then yellow before disappearing.

1st July - Melbourne, Australia - A huge green ball with a purple - white tail fell was witnessed.

1st July - Renfrewshire, Scotland - At 00:40 a blue colour meteor lit up the sky. It seems the same meteor appeared blue-orange from Rhyl, North Wales, had a sparking green and red coloured tail, which is a sign fragmentation from East Midlands at 23:37, and at low altitude from Bakewell in Derbyshire at 23:38.

5th July - Ballyclare, U.K. - Fireballs lit up the 11,00pm sky

6th July - Matawai, New Zealand - A low flying bright meteor lit up the early morning (5.50am) sky, as sparks from its orange-red tail were flying off it before a boom was heard,

7th July - Poland - A comet registered by the Poland Fireball Network had travelled cross most of the Polish sky as recorded by an observatory station in the village of Podgorzyn before fragmenting. Experts agree that it came from the area of Jupiter.

16th July 2011 - Kilimambago, Kenya. An explosion was heard about 10am which was compared to a plane crash. Eye-witness accounts saw it spinning on impact before landing in a cornfield. Police and military found a hot smooth black object weighing 11 pounds.

30th July - Kabati, Kenya - At 9.00am an explosion drew the attention of military personnel caused by an object weighing 2 kilograms. The impact could be heard 5 km away


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