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The TSA's peculiar "sense of humor
Among the Transportation Security Administration's ever-lengthening laundry list of problems is a recently highlighted proclivity among its agents not to practice what they preach.

Earlier this week, a TSA agent cracked a "joke" that, had it come from a passenger, would have resulted in a nude-body scan, a forty-minute enhanced pat-down, and probably a firing squad for good measure.

The incident, reported by The Consumerist, occurred at Boston's Logan Airport and involved a passenger who opted not to pass through one of the airport's new advanced imaging technology (AIT) scanners. The passenger was perhaps aware of reports last month of an increase in cancer cases among TSA personnel at Logan.

Be that as it may, the passenger opted to endure a headache in place of an upset stomach and submitted to a pat-down. He recalls what happened next:
After I passed the screening with no incident, the TSA screener quipped that 'I guess you're not a member of the Timothy McVeigh Fan Club.'

Now, if I had made a joke about Timothy McVeigh while waiting in the TSA line, I'd end up in a holding room somewhere. Shouldn't TSA take airline security as seriously as they force us to?
The Consumerist contacted the TSA for a response and was told:
TSA trains its officers to conduct themselves with professionalism at all times. We regularly remind passengers that inappropriate jokes and comments will be taken seriously and that absolutely holds true for our workforce as well. TSA does not condone such remarks and will take the appropriate steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.
The TSA will take "appropriate steps?" Where have we heard that before? Oh, right - in the aftermath of a case in which agents confiscated a plastic toy hammer from a 29-year-old mentally challenged man. The TSA swore it would retrain all 800 TSA agents at Detroit Metro Airport, where the incident occurred.