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Israel hopes that Ukraine won't recognize Palestine as a state at the session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September.

Israel's Ambassador to Ukraine Zina Kalay-Kleitman said this in an interview with the Den newspaper.

"We do hope, taking into consideration our good bilateral relations, that Ukraine which has had a very balanced stance on the matter lately will further continue to keep to this balanced approach and won't support the one-sided action of the United Nations," she said.

She noted that the initiative concerning possible recognition of the State of Palestine would have a destructive influence on the peace process in the Palestine - Israel relations.

The Ambassador noted that the General Assembly of the United Nations does not have legal powers to recognize the State of Palestine, as the UN Security Council can make such decisions. Hence, the decision of the General Assembly won't be useful, but it can do harm, according to the Ambassador.

According to media reports, President of Palestine Abbas in May 2011 called on the General Assembly of the United Nations to recognize Palestine in the borders of 1967 during the September session. According to him, the negotiations with Israel do not make his country closer to obtaining by Palestine of its State.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the declaration of independence of Palestine was on 15 November 1988, although the Palestinian national administration (autonomy) exists since 1994.

Ukraine advocates deeper cooperation with Israel.

Ukraine welcomes the signing of agreements on reconciliation of all political forces of Palestine on May 3.