Fireball Meteor or space debris over Doha, Qatar 10.30pm. 30 APR 2011
Low horizontal trajectory with flaming tail. First thoughts it was flame from aircraft engine but no noise then i could see it breaking or burning up over the sea. Did not think meteors would travel in what seemed horizontal path in an easterly direction. - Nicholas Couts

Bahrain at approximately 9pm
My friend and I saw it in Bahrain at approximately 9pm. It was very bright and moving extremely quickly. At first we thought it might be a firework, but realised it was much too bright and fast moving. We west facing west and it was moving in a north to south direction. The following day, I saw a programme on the History Channel about meteors and meteorites and have no doubt what we saw was a very bright meteor. Regards, John

Janabiyah, Bahrain 9pm, 30th April 2011
My neighbors and I saw it approximately 9pm, 30th April 2011 in Bahrain.

I just thought it was a huge shooting star at first, but then my neighbors said it had to be a meteor. It was traveling horizontally in an easterly direction and quite slow, so there was enough time to see it properly. It looked like a bright white fireball which had a tail and it eventually disintegrated and disappeared. We had never seen anything like this before., what an amazing experience! :) Regards, Anna

Bylo said...
i saw that fire ball .. but time was not 10:30 .. it's about 9:00pm .. and it was so clear and long ..same like this one

Mette said...
I saw that fire ball - white ball with a long tale and not 10:30 is was about 9:00 pm

Scott said...
Yep, we saw it too, same as described...definitely closer to 9:00 than 10:30. We were looking east out toward the Pearl and it moved from south to north across the horizon.

Anonymous said...
yes this was around 9pm and it's long clear fire ball in the sky.. great indeed..