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Make-believe civil war

I've been waiting for someone to point out the obvious about Libya:

There is no battle between "rebel forces" and the Libyan military.

NATO bombs a Libyan position, the Libyan military evacuates - temporarily - and then a rag tag bunch of poseurs flood in, get their pictures taken pretending to be soldiers by a bunch of idiot journalists and/or CIA media people and then run off when the Libyan military comes back.

John McCain told reporters today that meeting these guys was "one of the most inspiring moments of his life" which re-enforces the idea that the 2008 presidential "election" was a choice between Clown-Liar #1 and Clown-Liar #2.

I guess the plan is to "help" the "rebels" one small step at a time until we're in there up to our elbows.

The last guy to have a major hard on for Libya was a former corporal with a funny mustache named Adolf. I guess there's not that many variations when it comes to trying to take over the world.