Washington D.C. "Day of Rage" Scheduled To Detain War Criminals For Prosecution at The Hague

Joseph Zrnchik, the author of a new book available on Amazon called Assange and Government in a Wikileaks World, calls for a "Day of Rage" in Washington D.C. on June 30, 2011. In his call for prosecution of U.S. officials for war crimes he states:

people power
The crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. government and its proxies, that can only be described as an ongoing global crime spree beginning with the 1953 overthrow of the Iranian government and continuing on with the current wars in the Middle East, which have been aggravated by a hegemonic drive to weave a globalist system controlled by the power elite, has resulted in many reprisals of which one was the terrorist attack on 9/11. The elites crimes have made tens of thousands of Americans victims of reprisal or casualties in war by those seeking defense from or retribution for the power elites international lawlessness over the last fifty years. Americans now have the power of mass communication and hence the means to end these atrocities and cease being made victims as the result of criminal actions by a government being run by a ruling elite using a two-tiered justice system that allows the state to turn Americans into corpses without legal redress. We have the power to take back our freedom and hold criminals responsible with their lives. We can end the tyranny. The U.S. government no longer has anything to offer the people after allowing the theft of their wealth by the financial elite, but we the people now have the power to get justice.

As the U.S. raped the planet by installing murderous dictators it used to crush any burgeoning drive towards democratic institutions in oil producing countries, its bought and paid for henchmen used billions of dollars in U.S. financial aid to fund what the U.S. knew were illegitimate regimes whose power and authority was based solely on torture and murder. Furthermore, the U.S. government continued to use these regimes to outsource the torture it wanted committed, hiding these crimes that were very often committed against innocents behind bogus claims of national security. With psychopaths who were fully trained and staffed to run these foreign torture chambers, these human abominations that make pirates look like choirboys engaged in acts so reprehensible that the crimes simply cannot go unpunished by a civilized world. Justice demands retribution be meted out lest humanity itself be so ever polluted that mankind will never be able to rise above being made slaves, victims and corpses by the power elite and the ruin they cause resulting from their insatiable appetite for wealth and power.

The recent disintegration of U.S. funded dictatorships across the Middle East, which now even threatens the U.S.'s Afghan adventure, has forced the U.S. government to double down on the bets it has placed to win hegemonic control of the monetary system, energy resources and finally over humanity itself, but as the U.S. lays its remaining chips on the table to shore up geopolitical losses the elite have leveraged with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money and unending future commitments in U.S. treasure and blood, it seems there is no money left to even begin trying to win back what has proven to have been squandered on a sucker's bet. The web of deceit the U.S. has woven over the past fifty years is rapidly unraveling and now the elite have little concern for how many of the masses die, be it foreigners or American citizens.

While the American people now seek to be on the right side of a world-wide revolution to throw off a long history U.S.-supported torture regimes, they have shown no disgust or anger toward their government that has made such tyrannies possible, and even after having discovered such truths through Wikileaks they now view the messenger as the enemy as opposed to their government whose criminal complicity has turned Americans into willing accomplices whose assistance was crucial in aiding and abetting the perpetration of torture and murder on an international scale.

The elite were ecstatic about the 9/11 attacks as it provided them with the casus belli needed to bring the full force of U.S. military power to bear to hide all the crimes that had been committed and to facilitate their future perpetration. But, it was this over-estimation in the utility of centrally planned military power's ability to animate zombie governments whose strength rested in the creation of death that forced each member of the masses to become armies of one in opposition to tyranny. It was the fact that each person became a sovereign with the moral strength to stand against a criminal conspiracy called government that caused the collapse of tyrannical rule. However, the greater the criminal conspiracy the greater the effort that will be taken to continue its perpetration, so Americans should not underestimate the extent to which the U.S. government would be willing to slaughter even its own citizens to enforce domination by the ruling elite. The crimes committed by Mubarak were just a small subset of the global conspiracies undertaken through the elite's domination of corporate, political and military power and the conspiratorial alliances therein.

What we have seen as the result of the revelations provided by Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Wikileaks is that crimes of enforced starvation, destitution, torture, murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide committed against the people of the world has been directly attributable to the retribution of 9/11. With willful ignorance, the extent to which can only be ascribed to Americans, the people have decided to align themselves with the criminal elite by marching off en mass to slaughter human being that have already been subjected to 60 years of victimization through U.S. funded and supported regimes engaging in torture, murder and genocide. This has been a reoccurring theme in the rise of the U.S. imperium.

It is time the people of the U.S. assign blame for the miseries the elite have inflicted on the world and smash the racket that is criminal enterprise via government being run by lawless elites through a unitary executive who is nothing more than a dictator and tyrant that serves centralized global monetary interests. Why is it that the masses continue to allow their blood and treasure to be used as bargaining chips by the elite in a frenzied drive towards world domination?

America needs a "Day of Rage" to be instituted on June 30th, 2011 in Washington D.C. whereby the White House is surrounded by millions of Americans that take these political criminals into custody to be turned over the World Court to be tried. If they have committed no crimes, then they have nothing to fear. But, the torture and murder of even a few individuals rises to the level of crime that demands justice, not to mention the complete destruction of a country with hundreds of thousands of children dead as the result of a blockade that rises to the level of being an international war crime.

While these people now claim the right under law through their unitary sock-puppet executive to wield the power to summarily kidnap, imprison, torture and murder as they see fit, Americans need to hold each individual that commissions or perpetrates such acts to a full accounting for violating God's law. It has been Americans' failure to punish the elite and seize their ill-gotten gains that has encouraged the continued expansion of the elite's criminality into every facet of human existence. While the masses are sacrificed for their interests, their wealth and power grow exponentially and will soon destroy a humanity that will be at each other's throats to fight for the remaining scrapes that have fallen from the table. Either they will have to be brought to account or human existence will surely degenerate into universal slavery enforced via a criminal police state. We can end the elite using our children as cannon fodder and slaves. We owe them this after allowing the elite to squander their future.

As the elite have become worse than pirates, as pirates leave after they steal your wealth, they are more akin to leaches on the body of humanity forever sucking wealth and treasure out of their host. The state has become nothing more than muscle for the ruling classes and can be counted on to act as its collection agent and enforcer. Having lost its legitimacy the state sinks to continuously lower levels of depravity and now no longer even tries to justify its crimes but merely states it now has the power to do as it pleases.

If all of Americans stood together and arrested, charged, tried and punished people like Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Dick Cheney Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and Hank Paulson, we could end this elite criminal racket that wants Americans to be forever indebted to them for their sharing the wages of conquest obtained through the mass slaughter they ordered by tossing out a few scraps with which they seek to buy our approval and participation in the extermination of those who refuse to be ruled by tyrants.

Turn these international criminals over to the Hague and the International Criminal Court and end this blight on human existence. All Americans need to participate in the "American Day of Rage" to punish all those who torture and murder using government license under the color of law. We need to see you in Washington D.C. on June 30th, 2011. We can make the government hand over Bush for trial as we are the government's master and it is our servant. If the government refuses to stop these crimes, we Americans need to take action. Americans need a two-million man march on Washington D.C. that is prepared and willing to defend itself with each man being a leader with whom the government can negotiate with only through the prosecution and seizure of wealth from this entire criminal class. Our government has ceased representing the people and we need a mass democratic movement to bring it under control. Let's smash the police state! If we fail to stop it, it will continue to expand its power and control until a peaceful solution is impossible and people die by the millions. We cannot allow the elite to take the people down that road. What is the use in having the rule of law if we create institutions like the CIA whose sole purpose is to violate the very laws we have created to serve as the basis for our society? Is it any wonder why our government now believes it can imprison, torture and murder with impunity. The time to act is now while the people see and understand what mass democratic movements across the globe can accomplish. We cannot allow our government to marginalize, pacify and render impotent the power of the masses. We do not need to have leaders. We can all be more effective by being ungovernable and acting of our own accord. We have the means to organize and resist through each person being his own sovereign. We do not need a central authority to lie to us or tell us what needs to be done. We can decide as individuals to take back what has been stolen from us.

Our government, after its lies were exposed through Wikileaks, held Julian Assange to a standard that he not be responsible for a single death as the result of exposing U.S. crimes, yet our government sees no problem with Americans dying by the tens of thousands or foreigners dying by the millions for its lies. It expects Americans to die for its lies and the financial interests of the elite. Now is the time to cease being collateral damage and victims in the elites' global crime spree and hold them responsible.

Without a full accounting for torture, murder and theft, these crimes will become institutionalized and we will find that we will end up being tortured and murdered for challenging the legitimacy of a government that tortures and murders its own citizens and allows theft by the financial elite. Americans have a God-given right and legal justification to violently oppose torture and murder, especially when committed by government. The masses need to understand that it is now the government that has become criminal and those who oppose it are true patriots and human being of the highest order. Every single individual, as an individual, must fight to end this insanity. The aggregate of the individual can win! We can end tyranny, torture and murder on June 30th 2011 in Washington D.C. Let's show the world what Americans can do!

We Americans will no longer accept power elite and government lawlessness and tyranny. We will no longer accept a financial system so corrupt that the government refuses to even begin prosecutions due to the fact that the system would crumble because all the Wall Street criminals would be in jail. We demand the rule of law and for all to be subject to its strictures.

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One commenter wrote:
Are you advocating civil war? Are you of Russian decent? Are you a communist in disguise? We have the rule of law on our side. We need to maintain the systems that are in place in the U.S. We do not need to start an insurrection that creates chaos in our country. Chaos only brings the wrong people, such as dictators and communists, into power. We only need to rely on the insights of our Founding Fathers to maintain our Republic.
To which I answer:
The systems that are in place are being maintained for the purpose of engaging in lawlessness and tyranny by the elite. As far as the rule of law being on their side, they surrendered the rule of law when they decided to engage in torture, murder, fraud, theft and lawlessness through the rule of force and tyranny. We Americans have had enough.

As far as there being chaos, our rulers have engaged in tyranny and then used force to maintain a system that uses lies as its philosophy and force as its operating principle. It is a system that is so heinous that it makes chaos preferable to those who are under the boot of these criminals. They do not have the rule of law on their side, they have the rule of men and force.

The chaos that the elite have created, a system of lawlessness whereby they are above the law but use tyranny to control the masses, has brought the wrong type of people to government. It has brought those willing to engage in every type of tyranny to steal wealth and liberty, making sovereign people slaves.

You have mentioned the insights of our founders. They have stated that from time to time the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. These tyrants, acting in all three branches of government, have aligned themselves against the peoples and their liberty to plunder their prosperity and steal the fruits of their labor.

Our founders revolted for grievances that were infinitesimal in comparison to the tyranny exercised by our federal, state and local courts by criminals in robes and prosecutors whose only goal is to wield state power so as to protect and excuse the abuses of this police state and its ruling elite.

We Americans demand that all people, including the elite, judges, prosecutors, police and politicians be subject equally to the law. We currently have a two-tiered system that holds the common man under ruin while the elite engage in every sort of crime to which the citizens can be made victim.

Chaos worked to free the Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemeni and Libyans. Maybe it will free Americans from the tyranny that now passes as the rule of law.

Our founders swore an oath on their sacred honor. It is time for true Americans, the masses of people living under the ruin these criminals have created, to begin a drive toward freedom. The elites' wealth that was stolen from the people through a fiat money system needs to be confiscated and returned to the people.

The bankers that stole billions of dollars need to be prosecuted and their ill-gotten wealth seized and returned to the people. Those that ordered or engaged in torture and murder need to be brought to justice. This goes not only for the crimes committed on U.S. soil, but also for the crimes across the globe. These criminals must be brought to answer for their crimes in front of the international tribunals. They wanted a one-world government with supra-national authority, I stand ready to give it to them.

Please post this far and wide. Do not be dissuaded by those who are cowards and traitors. They can only offer more tyranny and misery. Will you stand with me against tyranny?

But, "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."