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mass graves, libya
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Rome - According to Al Arabiya are about 10,000 deaths in Libya and over 50,000 are wounded. Gaddafi had ordered the bombing, but the wells and a pilot refused. The daughter of the Colonel was dismissed on the plane from Malta. The EU will coordinate the evacuation of Europeans and think about sanctions. Berlusconi: No to violence, but attention to the next. Ready to promote humanitarian channel. A video released by Onedayonearth shows were on the beach promenade of the capital. Oil in New York touched $100 a barrel for the first time since Oct. 2, 2008.

Sources of Malta, Aisha Gaddafi Dismissed on Air

There was Aisha Gaddafi, son of Libyan leader among the 14 people aboard a Libyan plane which was prevented from landing in Malta today. The control tower has been denied authorization and contacted the authorities and government representatives over the Libyan ambassador to Malta who went personally to the place where, in contact with the pilot, it's said on board his flight was in fact Aisha Gaddafi. The Maltese authorities have decided not to grant landing permission "to avoid creating a precedent," one learns from sources close to the government. At the conclusion of lengthy negotiations, the pilot decided to change course and return to Tripoli.

TV, Gaddafi, bombed Wells MA Pilot Refuses

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been planning to bomb the oil fields, but the driver refused. The company says the head of security of Tobruk, who joined the protesters, as reported by the Al Arabiya satellite television in the red stripe overlay of urgent news.

U.S. Upon Freezing Assets Gaddafi

The State Department said today that among the measures considered by the authorities' American also include the freezing of assets and the leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi. "No decision was however still to be taken in this regard," the spokesman said Philip Crowley.

Berlusconi: No Violence

"All night we were in contact with European and American leaders to monitor the situation in Libya and other countries of North Africa. What is important is that there is no violence but we must also be careful about what happens next will be changed when these regimes with which we treat and are important to us for the supply of energy," Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said speaking to the General Assembly in Rome.

Breaking the Treaty?

Denouncing the Treaty of Friendship between Italy and Libya? The Northern League leader, Umberto Bossi, curbs on the assumption of breaking the Treaty of Cooperation between Italy and the North African country is now facing a civil war. Who reminds him that the government is committed to make large investments in Libya and the construction of the Libyan coastal highway, the Senatur reply thus: "On the highway passing trucks Italian - he says - and then who takes the oil."

Evacuation Coordination of EU and European and 'Ready to further Measures

The European Union has provided the coordination between Member States for "the evacuation of about 10 000 European citizens" present in Libya. The spokesman of the European Commission, Olivier Bailly, adding that also affect the procedures for the evacuation "in particular by sea." In addition, the EU is' ready to take further measures''after''the suspension of the Framework Agreement that was negotiating with Libya.

Simulated Scenarios, Optimum Situation

"We have simulated many negative scenarios and none of them there is danger to the gas distribution in Italy." This was stated by Minister of Economic Development, Paolo Romani, leaving the meeting of the Emergency Committee of the gas. "The situation - he continued - is optimal. All the work we have done in recent years on infrastructure allows us to sleep soundly."

Al Jazira, 20Mila Escape Route In the Night Egypt

Nearly 20,000 people left last night Libya through the crossing point with Egypt Sallum. The Al-Jazeera report, citing an envoy who spoke on the border with the Egyptian military sources. The frontier, at least on the Egyptian side, is under the control of the army in Cairo, according to sources. It seems that the soldiers leave through only medical supplies. As far as the western border of Libya, the World Organisation for Migration (IOM) says that thousands of foreigners - Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian and German - have come together to go to Tunisia to Tunisian and groped to return to their countries from there .